What’s The Best Water Fountain For My Cat?

A water fountain for a cat is a popular choice these days. Many cats prefer access to fresh running water and more and more cat owners realize just how important it is to keep their cats well-hydrated.

Getting Kitty to drink more water is even more important if you feed kibble, as dry cat food contains very little water. Unless you encourage a cat to increase her water intake, it could be easily sub-hydrated for long periods of time, making her (or him) more susceptible to kidney issues down the road. Here’s an excellent list of Tips to Increase Your Cat’s Water Intake. You’ll find a recommendation for water fountains there too.

“What’s the best water fountain for my cat?”, you’re asking yourself now.  Which water fountain to choose? We’ll try and help by reviewing the wisdom of the crowds and see what thousands of cat owners decide is the best water fountain at Amazon.com. So, from fifth place, all the way to the first, here are the best-selling water fountains these days. Don’t let the order confuse you. These are the top-selling water fountains for cats in the US. It means they’re ALL great choices, so you can let your sense of design and style into play when making your choice!

6. Pioneer Fountain Big Max- Stainless Steel

Pioneer Fountain Big Max-

Reviewers raved about the design and ease of cleaningless. Those switching over from plastic fountains mentioned how stainless steel was much easier to clean – it’s even dishwater safe. It does appear from the reviews that a few customers had issues with the pump though. Those who did not were very happy with this product complained about pump issues.  At 128 oz capacity, this is a fairly large fountain.


5. Cat Mate Pet Fountain

Cat Mate Pet Fountain

It’s fun to look at this Cat Mate fountain as it moved water in two separate waterfalls connecting three different levels of water. It’s an excellent way to draw in a curious kitty and encourage her to drink. Reviewers who’ve tried previous models of this fountain mentioned how the new version is more quiet.

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4. Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain

Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain

The 360 pet fountain by Drinkwell is one of those utilizing a nouvelle shape to allow for multi-pet use. More than one cat can approach the fountain and use it at the same time, if they are comfortable being in proximity to one another (not all cats are, and don’t expect this fountain to change the inter-cat dynamics in your household!) It is fairly large with a 128 oz water cpacity but some reviewers note that the filter tends to clog up rather fast and the fountain requires afrequent cleaning.

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3. TheDrinkwell 360 Pet Fountain in Stainless Steel

This is essentially the same as the Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain only made of stainless steel and not plastic. Generally speaking, this makes the unit easier to clean, leaving less room for bacteria to hide in the cracks. Reviewers were generally happy with this product, though some have noted that it can be a challenge to re-assemble after cleaning.

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2. Pioneer Pet Stainless Steel Fountain Raindrop Design

If you love the look and ease of cleaning provided by a chrome-shaded stainless steel fountain, you may like this one. It’s the #1 stainless steel fountain and it does have a lovely zen-inducing piece which is pretty enough to be a decorative item in its own right while providing an everlasting source of fascination for your cat.

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1. The Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain

Is the first pet fountain also the best? Some say it is. Originally developed by veterinarian Dr. Mary Burns. This is the basic model but it gets the job done. It can be upgraded by adding a larger water reservoir in the back. You can also adjust the flow of water for a better level of control and adjustment for your specific cat’s needs and preferences.

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Scratch ‘n Massage Bed

Cats scratch objects. It’s simply part of being a cat, and serves many needs and interests. Cats scratch not only to sharpen their claws, but also to mark their territory and even to relieve stress.

Your cat may get the urge to scratch at any time, but often it is right before or after taking one of those long deep cat naps. Very likely, the scratching behavior displayed on these occasions is simply part of a real good stretch. That’s why it makes sense to position scratching posts near your cat’s favorite napping spots.

Which begs the idea of combining a cat bed and scratching post –

Ingenious really. Layers of thick sturdy cardboard, treated with irresistible catnip oil, ensure a long-lasting cat bed and scratching post in one. Reviewers rave about this unit, and at this price, it’s a great addition to any household with cats.

Click to order the Scratch & Massage Bed from Amazon

Further reading about cat scratching:

Problem scratching and how to stop it

Litter Shields – Up!

Some cats really dig their litter box. Literally. These cats splash their litter all over, digging into it as if searching for some long lost treasure, throwing the litter out to cover the floor around the box.

One possible solution would be a covered box, with a hood fully blocking the streams and jets of litter and dust. Unfortunately, not all cats like their boxes covered. In fact, most cats prefer open boxes to covered ones, and for reasons cat behaviorists find easy to outline –

1. Covered boxes keep odors inside the box. This might seem like an advantage, but it does tend to make cat owners less diligent when it comes to cleaning the box twice a day. The end result is a much smellier box for the cat to get into.

2. Cats like to inspect their environment while “doing their business”, and be on the lookout for any “predators”. The covered box may seem more private, but for some cats it can be too claustrophobic, depriving them the ability to look around and make a run for it if necessary. This may be more of an issue with sensitive/scaredy cats and/or in multi-cat households.

This is why I really like this litter box –

The open top and semi-transparent sides mean your cat does not feel threatened or trapped, while the raised shield around the box significantly reduces “collateral damage”.

I highly recommend this one for multi-cat households, as an additional litterbox. At under $10 and free shipping, you can’t really go wrong here. Here are a couple of useful guides too –

Litter Box Location Secrets

Litter Box Maintenance

Get this box on Amazon

Cat Lovers Valentine’s Day Special

Valentines’s Day is almost here, but you still have time to get gifts for the special people in your life. And what’s better than a lovey dovey cat-themed gift? I’ll be reviewing a few gift ideas in this post, and don’t worry, there’s a Valentine’s gift for your True Love too – your cat!

Let’s start off with some chocolate:

This chocolate kitten is irresistible, isn’t it? Small and delicate in design, yet packed full of flavor, this gourmet chocolate shows a lot of thought behind the choice, as well as having an expensive taste. Literally. Click for more details or to order.

How about sticking to the sticky theme of candy, with no caloric remorse? I found just the thing for you – a super cute ceramic figurine of a candy colored cat, with candy for whiskers, in a distinctly Valentine’s Day design. What better say to say “I Love You?”

Another way to keep sugar levels down, would be to opt for this gourmet coffee gift basket, with five flavors of quality coffee and a pack of biscoti (I never said zero sugar!). Where’s the cat angle? It’s in the cat-themed mug and coasters that are part of this feline-themed gift basket:

Click here for more details or to buy

If you liked the design on that mug, how about adding a LOVEly apron with the same design. Purrfect as a gift in its own right, this is just the thing for Valentine’s, all hearts and loving kitties:

Click for more info on the apron and/or to buy on Amazon.

One more idea for the humans, before we get to the “gifts for cats” bit –

Of course, this goes best with a picture of your Valentine’s cat in there! Click to learn more about this frame and how to get it on Amazon.

And finally, the felines. I love the design of this can –

They have several flavors, each with a different color on the package. The price if for a package of 16 of those, making them ideal as gifts not only for your own cats, but for the loved cats of your loved ones. Click for more about these cans and how to get them.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, furry or not!



Black Cat Decor

Black cat lovers are going to love this one! I always felt black cats is a great theme for home decor – they’re elegant, as all cats are, and a touch of black can add a nice dramatic touch to your home decor.

Ok, so it’s a trash can, but it’s a great addition to any room decorated in feline themes. I like its colors as well, so if you need a touch of purple or black, this one is purrfect!


It’s also a great match for the cat wall clock from our previous post… Definitely similar art deco touches.

Click here to see this purple trash can with black cat print on Amazon.

The Wall Kat Clock

With the New Year upon us, you are probably full of thoughts about new year resolutions. Well, to make any of them happen, time management is imperative – and what better way to keep track of the time with a cat wall clock?



Yes, it’s the famous Wall Kat Clock. You either love it or hate it, and apparently most people choose the former, as this retro piece of time-telling gadgetry has been a top-seller for years on end, literally. It’s so retro, it reminds me more of an old Mickey Mouse cartoon, than a cat. Ooops, did I just mention the M word?

It definitely is an eye-catcher, even more so in real life than in this picture which is lacking this clock’s most prominent feature: movement. Imagine this one constantly moving its tail and eyes, and you can easily see why it has a presence that you simply cannot ignore. This one is bound to remind you of the time at any given moment.

Click here to get more info and order this wall kat securely and quickly from Amazon.


How to Memorialize a Cat – Saying Goodbye in a Meaningful Way

Guest Post by Pets to Rest

Many people are not sure of how to memorialize their beloved cat. If you have lost a cat that you loved and cherished, you want to say goodbye in a loving, meaningful way. For some people, pets are simply animals; for others, they become a member of the family that is loved and treated with Cat Cremation Urnsspecial care. Sometimes we talk to them as if they understand our problems or thoughts, other times they are simply there to keep us company while we sleep or watch a movie. This article describes how to memorialize a cat in your own special way; there are many ways this can be done, and you will feel that you have paid tribute to your cat with the ultimate in love and respect, helping you to begin the healing process.

Always remember, when it comes to how to memorialize a cat there are no “rules”. Simply do what feels right and comfortable for you, and helps you best cope with your grief.

One fitting way to pay tribute to your friend is to have him/her cremated, then place the ashes in a cat urn for burial in a special place in your yard; you might also want to use a decorative urn that you can display in your home. Most pets have a special place in the yard where they loved to soak up the sun, or even a garden they enjoyed playing in. You may want to place a marker with your pets name or a special saying near the area where the ashes are buried.

If you’re artistic or know someone who is, have a charcoal drawing or even an oil painting created. Most people who are talented in this area can create a beautiful rendition simply from photo’s you have taken of your cat.

Create a picture album especially for the memory of your cat. You may have lots of photo’s around the house, in drawers, or even in the family album. Use these in a special album dedicated to the memory of your pet, and include notes under each picture describing the day and what you remember most about it.

Donate to an animal shelter in your cat’s name.

Memorialize your cat with pet cremation jewelry. This jewelry is designed in a variety of styles, from simple wood creations or crystals to sterling silver cylinders with little “paw print” decorations. Some look like regular jewelry you would wear, made in heart-shaped or cross designs. This jewelry can beCat Urns worn so that you always feel close to your cat, or you can display it along side a few of your pets favorite toys.

These are just a few ideas on choosing a cat memorial. Just remember, do whatever you feel offers you the most comfort and pays tribute to your cat in a respectful, loving manner.

cat enclosures for outdoors

Do you keep their kitties indoors-only, yet feel you would like to give them a taste of what’s out there – safely?
If you live in a city apartment, your options are usually limited to training your cat to walk with a harness and leash.

However, if you live in your own house, with a nice backyard, you may have considered a cat enclosure. A solidly built large enclosure can be just the thing – you can read more about how to build a cat enclosure here. Still, for many of us, actually building our own cat enclosure may just prove to be too much of a daunting task. This is where easy-to-assemble modular cat enclosures enter the picture.

This is a modular system where you use easy snap-n-lock frames, along with anti-rip meshed walls to quickly and effectively create a kitty enclosure right in your patio.  If you click here, you’ll see a variety of pieces and add-on to the system too. You can add a gazebo or a club house, extra tunnels and sunbathing areas, you name it – build your dream cat enclosure!

Remember though – you should never ever leave your cat unattended inside the enclosure. It does not provide shelter from the elements, or from persistent dogs or other predators. Always supervise cats when in the enclosure!

Check it out on Amazon – they have a 9% discount on this item right now – well worth investigating!

The Feline Fantasy Brush

It may not be an effective replacement for a good grooming brush, but it can provide stimulation, fun and some hair combing benefits for cats. One of those things that make you wonder how come nobody had come up with this before?

The Feline Fantasy Brush has a simple enough concept. A comfortable perch with a bow shaped brush stuck into it. The idea is to allow your cat to naturally rub against the brush on both sides, effectively combing its coat on its own.

Reviews show that while cats couldn’t be bothered, many cats do enjoy spending time in this self-brushing contraption.  I think the fun factor alone is worth the investment. Like using a scratching post, rubbing against objects provides your cat with a way to mark its territory, hence making her or him more secure and relaxed.

So, if you want to give your cat that extra grooming touch, while keeping her or him entertained, click here check out the Feline Fantasy Brush.

Discount Frontline for Cats

Even indoors-only cats get the fleas, as the song goes.

Ok, the song isn’t about that exactly, but still spring is upon us and that can mean fleas are upon our cats. A flea can jump on a person and gets a ride indoors. All it takes is one pregnant female and voila – within days you have a full blown flea infestation on your hands.

The key is in prevention and/or early treatment. And the tool for the job is Frontline. Never be tempted to buy cheap substitutes – the cheap flea treatments are usually too strong for felines and can be very harmful. Stick to Frontline – safe and effective for cats – and carefully follow the dosages.

And now, to the best news of all. This miracle in an easy-to-use applicator is currently on sale at Amazon. That means a whopping 47% discount! Hurry up and order a couple of packages – they could last you until the end of summer, depending on how many cats you have.

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