Cat Grooming Arch

It looks a bit like a magnet with its U-shaped arch. That’s an interesting observation because this nifty device can indeed become a cat magnet in your home. Cats love rubbing against things. It’s a form of territorial marking, as they leave pheromones – scent residue that we’re unable to smell – on items they rub against. Judging by the look on our cat’s faces, it also just feels nice.

This cat grooming arch provides Kitty with this pleasant experience but also grooms her coat at the same time. This means less cat hair elsewhere in your home.

cat grooming arch

The arch comes with a bag of catnip you can use to make it even more attractive. I highly doubt it’s necessary though – I think your cat is going to appreciate it for what it is, with or without the catnip!

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Amazing Laser Toy for Lazy Cat Owners

Most cats go nuts over a red laser-generated dot that moves around, on floors, furniture and walls. Us owners love operating the laser, driving Kitty literally off the wall. Sometimes though, you’re too tired or busy to actively operate the laser. A “dead”  red dot that doesn’t move? No cat cares for that.

In comes this new innovative toy by FroliCat.

innovative laser toy for cats

You can use it the good ole way and actively move it for your cat. Or you can place it on a solid surface and let it run its own light show for Kitty.

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Elegant Black Laurel Burch Tote

Did you get a perfect gift that expressed and echoed your love for cats? You didn’t? Well, it’s time to fix that!

Here’s a wonderful tote bag which you can give yourself!

Laurel Burch Medium Tote

Black, white and some dashes of light colors make this a most elegant tote. It’s an original Laurel Burch design and made to last as a treasured useful item for any cat lovers. Including yourself.

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Cat Window Shelf – The Natural Way to Get Kitty Warm During Winter Time

True to their North-African heritage, our cats love warmth and sunshine. Every cat owner is familiar with Kitty’s search for the perfect sun spot on the couch or rug. Why not support their effort and provide them with a wonderful lush and comfortable cat shelf right by your window?

cat shelf by the window

The Oster Professional Cat Window Seat is perfect. You don’t need to have an existing window seal. Just use the industrial-strength suction cups to secure the shelf to your window. Kitty gets an instant sun spot, with great views and hopefully a couple of birds to keep her entertained. You get to keep your precious wall space and window sills. Win-win!
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Cat Activity Center

Think activity centers are only for babies? Think again!
Well, it is a different kind of activity center, but it will enrich your cat’s environment and increase her skill sets at the same time. It offers five modules, each with a game designed to appeal to one of Kitty’s five senses. The object of the games? To get a yummy treat, of course!

Fun and learning for cats

Exercise for Kitty’s brain – the best way to keep her entertained and lower her stress levels!

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Collapsible Cat Tunnel by SmartyKat

Cats love getting into small spaces, be them the caves formed by pillows or the space behind your couch. Why not provide Kitty with a safe and fun tunnel to call her own? This cat tunnel by SmartyKat has the added perk of providing a nice crackly soundtrack to your cat’s motion, making things a tad more exciting.

Cat Tunnel

A perfect hideaway and playing grounds all in one, this cat tunnel is a great feature to enrich your indoor-only cat’s environment. For multi-cat households, why not get two of these and place them adjacently?  And don’t worry about the floor space. Once the cats are done playing, these collapsible tunnels are easy to fold and store.

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What’s The Best Water Fountain For My Cat?

A water fountain for a cat is a popular choice these days. Many cats prefer access to fresh running water and more and more cat owners realize just how important it is to keep their cats well-hydrated.

Getting Kitty to drink more water is even more important if you feed kibble, as dry cat food contains very little water. Unless you encourage a cat to increase her water intake, it could be easily sub-hydrated for long periods of time, making her (or him) more susceptible to kidney issues down the road. Here’s an excellent list of Tips to Increase Your Cat’s Water Intake. You’ll find a recommendation for water fountains there too.

“What’s the best water fountain for my cat?”, you’re asking yourself now.  Which water fountain to choose? We’ll try and help by reviewing the wisdom of the crowds and see what thousands of cat owners decide is the best water fountain at So, from fifth place, all the way to the first, here are the best-selling water fountains these days. Don’t let the order confuse you. These are the top-selling water fountains for cats in the US. It means they’re ALL great choices, so you can let your sense of design and style into play when making your choice!

6. Pioneer Fountain Big Max- Stainless Steel

Pioneer Fountain Big Max-

Reviewers raved about the design and ease of cleaningless. Those switching over from plastic fountains mentioned how stainless steel was much easier to clean – it’s even dishwater safe. It does appear from the reviews that a few customers had issues with the pump though. Those who did not were very happy with this product complained about pump issues.  At 128 oz capacity, this is a fairly large fountain.


5. Cat Mate Pet Fountain

Cat Mate Pet Fountain

It’s fun to look at this Cat Mate fountain as it moved water in two separate waterfalls connecting three different levels of water. It’s an excellent way to draw in a curious kitty and encourage her to drink. Reviewers who’ve tried previous models of this fountain mentioned how the new version is more quiet.

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4. Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain

Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain

The 360 pet fountain by Drinkwell is one of those utilizing a nouvelle shape to allow for multi-pet use. More than one cat can approach the fountain and use it at the same time, if they are comfortable being in proximity to one another (not all cats are, and don’t expect this fountain to change the inter-cat dynamics in your household!) It is fairly large with a 128 oz water cpacity but some reviewers note that the filter tends to clog up rather fast and the fountain requires afrequent cleaning.

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3. TheDrinkwell 360 Pet Fountain in Stainless Steel

This is essentially the same as the Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain only made of stainless steel and not plastic. Generally speaking, this makes the unit easier to clean, leaving less room for bacteria to hide in the cracks. Reviewers were generally happy with this product, though some have noted that it can be a challenge to re-assemble after cleaning.

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2. Pioneer Pet Stainless Steel Fountain Raindrop Design

If you love the look and ease of cleaning provided by a chrome-shaded stainless steel fountain, you may like this one. It’s the #1 stainless steel fountain and it does have a lovely zen-inducing piece which is pretty enough to be a decorative item in its own right while providing an everlasting source of fascination for your cat.

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1. The Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain

Is the first pet fountain also the best? Some say it is. Originally developed by veterinarian Dr. Mary Burns. This is the basic model but it gets the job done. It can be upgraded by adding a larger water reservoir in the back. You can also adjust the flow of water for a better level of control and adjustment for your specific cat’s needs and preferences.

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Scratch ‘n Massage Bed

Cats scratch objects. It’s simply part of being a cat, and serves many needs and interests. Cats scratch not only to sharpen their claws, but also to mark their territory and even to relieve stress.

Your cat may get the urge to scratch at any time, but often it is right before or after taking one of those long deep cat naps. Very likely, the scratching behavior displayed on these occasions is simply part of a real good stretch. That’s why it makes sense to position scratching posts near your cat’s favorite napping spots.

Which begs the idea of combining a cat bed and scratching post –

Ingenious really. Layers of thick sturdy cardboard, treated with irresistible catnip oil, ensure a long-lasting cat bed and scratching post in one. Reviewers rave about this unit, and at this price, it’s a great addition to any household with cats.

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Further reading about cat scratching:

Problem scratching and how to stop it

Litter Shields – Up!

Some cats really dig their litter box. Literally. These cats splash their litter all over, digging into it as if searching for some long lost treasure, throwing the litter out to cover the floor around the box.

One possible solution would be a covered box, with a hood fully blocking the streams and jets of litter and dust. Unfortunately, not all cats like their boxes covered. In fact, most cats prefer open boxes to covered ones, and for reasons cat behaviorists find easy to outline –

1. Covered boxes keep odors inside the box. This might seem like an advantage, but it does tend to make cat owners less diligent when it comes to cleaning the box twice a day. The end result is a much smellier box for the cat to get into.

2. Cats like to inspect their environment while “doing their business”, and be on the lookout for any “predators”. The covered box may seem more private, but for some cats it can be too claustrophobic, depriving them the ability to look around and make a run for it if necessary. This may be more of an issue with sensitive/scaredy cats and/or in multi-cat households.

This is why I really like this litter box –

The open top and semi-transparent sides mean your cat does not feel threatened or trapped, while the raised shield around the box significantly reduces “collateral damage”.

I highly recommend this one for multi-cat households, as an additional litterbox. At under $10 and free shipping, you can’t really go wrong here. Here are a couple of useful guides too –

Litter Box Location Secrets

Litter Box Maintenance

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Cat Lovers Valentine’s Day Special

Valentines’s Day is almost here, but you still have time to get gifts for the special people in your life. And what’s better than a lovey dovey cat-themed gift? I’ll be reviewing a few gift ideas in this post, and don’t worry, there’s a Valentine’s gift for your True Love too – your cat!

Let’s start off with some chocolate:

This chocolate kitten is irresistible, isn’t it? Small and delicate in design, yet packed full of flavor, this gourmet chocolate shows a lot of thought behind the choice, as well as having an expensive taste. Literally. Click for more details or to order.

How about sticking to the sticky theme of candy, with no caloric remorse? I found just the thing for you – a super cute ceramic figurine of a candy colored cat, with candy for whiskers, in a distinctly Valentine’s Day design. What better say to say “I Love You?”

Another way to keep sugar levels down, would be to opt for this gourmet coffee gift basket, with five flavors of quality coffee and a pack of biscoti (I never said zero sugar!). Where’s the cat angle? It’s in the cat-themed mug and coasters that are part of this feline-themed gift basket:

Click here for more details or to buy

If you liked the design on that mug, how about adding a LOVEly apron with the same design. Purrfect as a gift in its own right, this is just the thing for Valentine’s, all hearts and loving kitties:

Click for more info on the apron and/or to buy on Amazon.

One more idea for the humans, before we get to the “gifts for cats” bit –

Of course, this goes best with a picture of your Valentine’s cat in there! Click to learn more about this frame and how to get it on Amazon.

And finally, the felines. I love the design of this can –

They have several flavors, each with a different color on the package. The price if for a package of 16 of those, making them ideal as gifts not only for your own cats, but for the loved cats of your loved ones. Click for more about these cans and how to get them.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, furry or not!