A Cake Cat Bed Fit For A Princess

I love adorable cat beds! There are so many ingenious designs for cat beds these days, you can offer Kitty so many options in various places around your home, so why not give her a cake cat bed too? This awesome creation is readily available on Amazon!

Cake Cat Bed

A cake cat bed? Is that even a thing?!

Yes, a cat bed shaped like a pink birthday cake, with frosting, strawberries and even birthday candles! You could say it’s not necessarily for everyone’s taste. After all, some people prefer chocolate or vanilla over strawberries. Sorry, I couldn’t resist the joke!

Seriously though, it may not be a great fit for your post-modern bright-white living room (however do you keep it so white and tidy?) That said, I do think anyone can find a spot in their home where this kind of fluffy cuteness can peacefully reside without clashing with you home decor. Also, I sincerely believe that humor can be a great element in interior design and this cake cat bed is sure to bring a smile or two.

Home decor issues aside, your cat is going to love this bed with its little cave. It’s soft and warm and has plush sides and tops. It even has lace all around it. That’s great cake decor and also a great piece of cloth to grab if you happen to be a cat lying inside. As for the owner, I think you’re going to like the fact that the inner cushion is removable and the entire cover has zipper closure so you can easily open it up for cleaning.

A word of caution

If you only have one cat then there’s no reason why Kitty shouldn’t feel secure enough to sleep inside. However, if yours is a multi-cat household where the cats don’t get along too well, this could be a problem. Open cat beds are probably a better option for your kitties. They gives them the chance to get up and walk away if a rival shows up. With a cave-like bed, they have nowhere to run to and may become “stuck” when their nemesis approaches.

If caves are ok for your cats then this one is certainly as fun as they get! The cake-shaped cat bed in all it’s pinky glory and strawberries! Because cake isn’t safe for cats to eat but it could be fun to sleep in!

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  1. OMC, this is the cutest thing. Some of us who consider ourselves princesses would love this. Checked it out on Amazon and saw they even have a chocolate cake. Thanks for sharing and thanks for dropping by to visit us. We like your site and will be back. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  2. Thanks for dropping by! So glad you liked my blog! I’ve added yours to my BlogLovin’ feed so you can be sure I’ll be back too!

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