The Best Kitty Litter Box And How To Find It

The litter box is one of the most important aspects of your cat’s life. Finding the best kitty litter box out there could hugely improve on your cat’s quality of life and even prevent litter box accidents.

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Why are litter boxes so important?

The thing about bathrooms is that as long as they’re clean and in decent shape, we don’t usually give them a second thought. However, if something is “wrong” or “off” with them, it can be just about the worst thing possible. Faced with a dirty bathroom, or one that’s too small or scary, many of us would prefer to “hold it” and find another place.

Cats are no different. They need their “bathroom” to be clean and spacious. They also need to feel safe when using it. When your cat doesn’t feel comfortable using the box, that’s not a good thing. Even if Kitty keeps on using the box, the discomfort induces stress which can contribute to a variety of health and behavior problems.

It could be worse though. If a cat feels the litter box is too small, isn’t clean enough or is associated with pain or fear, he or she could get to the point where they avoid using it altogether. Sometimes the only available alternative is the floor, the rug or your bed.

Finding the best kitty litter box out there should be a priority for every cat owner. Even if your cat is currently using the box properly, please read on and see if something can be improved. Don’t simply switch her or him over to a new litter box but do add the new and improved one to give kitty another – hopefully better – choice.

The Best Kitty Litter Box: What to look for

Here are the top 3 things you should be looking for  –

1. Size – Larger is better

Consider how feral cats “go to the toilet”. They find a secure place outside, almost always larger than the average litter box. Cats can do with a smaller area but if you have enough space, opt for a larger model. This is especially true when larger cats are concerned. If your kitty is larger-than-average, you should find a larger-than-average litter box.

One of the largest litter boxes available on Amazon is this Jumbo covered box by Favorite  –

the Best kitty litter box: Favorite Large

The bottom is a 18 inches long which is already larger than most litter boxes. It’s the “waist” size that’s impressive though. At 25″ long it’s one of the largest available litter boxes. It’s a hooded box but as with all covered litterboxes you could easily take the top part off. Which brings me to the next item on this list –

2. Don’t make your cat go undercover!

If your litterbox is in your bedroom or living room you may be tempted to “isolate” the sights and smells by using a covered litterbox. Don’t.

When you cover a litter box, you are indeed decreasing ventilation. It may not smell so bad outside of the box but imagine what it must be like to go inside and spend a few minutes in there! Kitty can hold her breath for so long!

The truth is your cat’s litter box should not smell. It should be cleaned at least every single day and preferably twice a day. In between, there should be so few feces and they should be covered with enough litter that there should be no smell problem. Clean your cat’s box properly and you shouldn’t need a cover. Which again, leads me to the next (and last) point:

3. Go for a box that’s easy to clean

Some people buy a large plastic box – like this one by Sterilite – instead of a designated litterbox.

Sterilite box

That’s ok. These boxes can be very large and they’re not covered. They’re often (not always) cheaper than the boxes you might find in the pet store. They can absolutely be the best kitty litter box for you. Just please make sure the box is easy to clean. Some of these models have significant dents on the sides of the box which can make it more difficult for you to clean, eventually leading to a smelly box which Kitty won’t appreciate.

Remember, the best kitty litter box is also the one that best fits for your cat. If your cat is smaller than average, he or she may be ok with a slightly smaller box. On the other hand, if yours loves kicking litter all over the place, you may need to invest in a box with higher walls. There can be variations between cats and owners when it comes to determining which is the best kitty litter box. Take these into consideration as you follow the guidelines I outlines in this post.

Also, look beyond the box itself. Check out these articles on for more informaiton about creating the perfect litter setup for your cat –

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