Really Cute Kittens: Caturday Eye Candy!

I’m joining other bloggers today, to celebrate the Caturday tradition!

Every Saturday Caturday I’m going to post a beautiful photo of cats or kittens. Just cutte kitty pictures (which will also be the name of the new category!) Today I offer you the very first one. I came up with a super creative title too: Really Cute Kittens! Not very clever? Perhaps not, but you have to admit it is very accurate! Three tabby kittens, two with folded ears (Scottish Fold cats, I imagine) and all of them with big baby blue eyes. Really really cute kittens!

Really Cute Kittens
Three little Really Cute Kittens in the basket

Caturday started out as a tradition of posting LOLcats photos on one of the oldest forums platforms. It has since grown to be a blogging phenomenon and has taken on a life of its own.

I’m not a huge fan of LOLcats as a concept. Sure, there can be hilarious photos of cats, made even more so with the right captions. It can be done right. It can also be done really really wrong. Some people couldn’t care less about cat care or how cats should be treated and will post photos that show cats in situations where they absolutely shouldn’t be. Call me a prude, I always cringe when I read LOLcats and then I very gradually open one eye to make sure the photo is ok. You’ll often hear a sigh of relief when it is in fact just a harmless funny cat photo and I get to open my other eye too and smile.

So, I can’t guarantee funny photos, captioned or not. We may have those occasionally but otherwise they will just be pictures like the one shared today, of really cute kittens or cats.

Let me know what you think about the new feature and about these adorable three little ones in the basket!

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