Personalized litterbox mats that will make Kitty feel special

Today I want to share with you a unique product that can be a one-of-a-kind and yet immensely practical. It’s a great gift idea for friends who just moved into a new home and it’s an awesome item to have at home, just so that your own kitty can feel really special. I’m talking about personalized litterbox mats.

These mats are such a brilliant invention!

High up on the list of pet peeves reported by cat owners is the issue of litter tracking. More specifically, the trail of litter leading from the cat’s litterbox to wherever purring Dora decided to explore, having finished with whatever important business she had within said box. Some kinds of litter are worse offenders than others but I have yet to see any type of litter that is gracious enough to remain solely within the box without letting any of its grains take a free ride on Kitty’s paws.

There is always litter around a cat’s litterbox.

Unless you have a litterbox mat, that is.

A litterbox mat is one of those inventions that is simple in its ingenuity. As Kitty takes the first steps outside the box, those paws gently thump on the mat, trapping excess litter – at least most of it – within it. You can pick up the mat once or twice a day, give it a quick shake outside or right into your trash can and voila! A cleaner home!

Personalized litterbox mats are even more brilliant!

Maybe that’s just me, but I love personalized items. In this day and age of industrialized mass production it feels nice to have things in your home that someone made just for you and your loved ones. With name tags, name-embroidered collars and custom-made name ceramic bowls why not personalized litterbox mats?

I think it’s awesome that Amazon now carries personalized merchandise. You can order an item with your cat’s name on it and enjoy Amazon’s customer care guarantee. I like buying from a trusted brand and that’s what Amazon gives me.

And finally – the personalized litterbox mats themselves!

These are all made by Drymate, a company that specializes in all sorts of carpets, runners and mats. They are soft, feel nice on Kitty’s paws and are easy to care for. Just give them a daily shake and then toss them into the washing machine when they get too dirty. Their main drawback is size. The larger version of these mats is 28 inches wide and 20 inches long. That can be enough if your cat has a regular path out of the box. Otherwise, you may need more than one mat to cover the larger floor area. Don’t get the smaller version, would be my advice. When it comes to “litter confinement” larger is better.

In terms of pattern, you can opt for a classic design in brown and tan. Lots of paw marks on this mat, in the hope that Kitty will get the hint *wink*. If that doesn’t help, she or he can always read their own name, right?

Personalized litterbox mats

Not into shades of brown? Me neither. I actually prefer the dark grey version of the same motif. I think it looks very elegant even without the borders –personalized-mat

The third design is very different. It offers a very lively recount of cats and their adventures. I really like this one. It’s colorful, creative and whimsical. If you’re looking for a unique gift for another cat owner, I would definitely go with this one. It’s going to be a “wow” moment when they unwrap their present and see this awesome design.

personalized litter mat

As a gift for friends or for yourself, personalized litterbox mats are both practical and pretty. They can help keep your home clean and show everyone just how special Kitty is to you. Special enough to have her/his name on the litterbox mat!

The links in this post are affiliate links. That means I get a small commission if you click them and buy something on Amazon. Thanks in advance for helping me keep this blog going! Here are the links to the three personalized litterbox mats once again –

Click here for the brown/tan mat with the paws pattern.

Click here for the dark grey paws mat

Click here for the awesome whimsical and colorful mat.

Thank you for visiting my blog! Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think about litter mats and about personalized items for cats!

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