Caturday picture: Down memory lane

It’s Caturday, and time for some much needed cat pictures! I love looking at all the cute kitties share on other cat blogs and contributing my own here as well!

I’m sharing a special picture today. I hope you don’t find this too emotional but I just wanted to share something from the heart today.

This is my Mishmish.

My Mishmish

Mishmish had a profound influence on my life. She made me switch careers, leave the military and take up web publishing and later on blogging. That was more than 18 years ago, a year after we rescued her and her four brothers and sisters, literally from the gutter.

Mishmish crossed the bridge three years ago, at the age of 17. Rest in peace, baby girl. You are forever in our hearts!

I hope everyone’s having a great Caturday with their kitties! Off to check other blogs and see what’s new!

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