4 Different Cat Handbags: The Feline Theme Is Always In Style

If your love for cats affects every aspect of your life (I know it does mine!) why not let it show? Cats are so elegant by nature, it only makes sense to have them inspire our fashion statements as well. A great way to do that is by choosing one of these elegant cat handbags. They’re all beautiful, practical and make a clear statement about the role cats play in our lives.

Cat Handbags: 4 awesome options

No matter what your personal style preferences, you can always spice things up with feline-flavored accessories. In fact, I chose these four cat handbags because they show just how varied styles can all be complemented by adding a kitty as a decorative element. They are very different from one another and you’re probably going to like only one or two of them. That’s perfectly ok, as they go to show that it’s all about the cats.

1. Jiyaru Canvas Handbag With Fun Black Kitty

This lightweight and soft canvas bag is so practical! It’s large enough to be a tote bag and stylish enough to be your regular shoulder handbag.

Black cat on gray canvass tote handbag

This bag is available in two shades of gray and one gorgeous shade of purple.  They all have the same whimsical black cat on them, holding a fish in its mouth.

Three shades for cat handbags

Hard to choose, isn’t it? Well, here’s the really great part! They’re so affordable you don’t have to choose! Even though reviewers comment on how sturdy and comfortable these cat handbags are, they’re prices at $8.79 & FREE Shipping! You can just grab all three and never be short on tote bags!

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2. Feminine large canvas tote bag with lots of kitties!

This tote bag has so many adorable cats on it, winking and blowing kisses, it’s just adorable!

Large canvas tote bag with cats

Very girly yet super practical too with two sets of handles, so you can use it as a handbag or throw it over your shoulder. It has a sturdy zipper too that will keep everything you put inside safe.


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3. Elegant cross body faux-leather handbag

If you’re looking for something smaller and more elegant, this could be a fabulous option. This faux leather handbag comes with its own set of cat ears. That’s where the “cattiness” ends though which means it can be perfect for an understated show of affection for felines.

Elegant faux leather handbag

It’s excellent quality with attention to detail inside and out, and very affordable for this level of quality at under $15.

Black too serious for you? This great little bag is also available in white!

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4. Goth-chic Retro Elvira & Cat Handbag

Looking for something unique? This black and red bag is sure to get a lot of attention. It features Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark form the movie by the same name, along with a dramatic black cat.

Gothic cat chic handbag

It takes a special kind of lady to carry this bag around as it certainly makes a statement! Its back and sides are made of black faux-pony fur that you can pet like a kitten while the front and blood-red handles are glossy faux leather. It’s entirely synthetic and vegan, in case you’re wondering.

It’s not cheap but it is large and beautifully tailored as well as being an official Elvira merchandise.

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What do you think? Which of these four bags would you go for? Do you have a cat-themed handbag already? I’d love to hear it all in the comments section!

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