21 “Cat Hug GIFs” That Will Melt Your Heart

Need a mood boost?  I have 21 absolutely adorable cat hug GIFs (animated pictures) for you that are bound to give you that feel-good boost you need today!Cat Hug Gifs

Hugs are good for you! Science tells us that when we hug, our brain secretes a hormone called oxytocin providing us with instant and natural stress-relief. If that’s not enough for you to keep reading, here’s another interesting tidbit. Did you know that simply looking at pictures of cute kittens and puppies makes you happier and more productive?

Which is why staring at images of kitties hugging is just what you need today!

And boy, cats sure can hug! They hug other cats, dogs, toys and their favorite humans too and I have the GIF’s to prove it!

Ready for some “Cat Hug GIFs”? Here are all 21 of them!

Momma cats love hugging their kittens!

Cat Hug Gifs: mother cat and kitten

And cats just love hugging each other. Like this gray tuxedo kitty, embracing his red tabby friend –
Cat Hug Gifs
And these loving pair of kitties who just want nap their way through a long loving hug –
Tabby and black cat hugging
There’s nothing like being hugged in your sleep, is there?
cats hugging gif
A hug can quickly turn into a mutual grooming. As it turns out, it doesn’t even have to be all that mutual –
Two loving kitties hugging
It’s not just kitties hugging each other. Dogs and cats are great hug partners!cat hugging dog
Size is never an issue, apparently. And as this kitten shows,  when there’s a difference in size, enthusiasm goes a long way!
cat hugging dog
Dogs get groomed too!
dog groomed by cat

Quite a lot, even!

dog and cat sharing a bed

Just look at this sweet puppy! This tabby doesn’t seem to mind one bit!
puppy hugging a cat
This particular GIF is so touching. That poor dog, chained up in a dirty backyard, getting a loving supportive hug from a cat.
 dog hugged by cat
Apparently, you don’t have to be a dog to get some kitty hugs –
cat hugging a skunk
You don’t even have to be a mammal –
feline hug lizzard
Or a living animal, for that matter…
cat hugging doll
How about this for an “awwww…” moment?
kitty hugging his teddy bear
This cat just loves hairbrushes so much, hugging them is the best part of his day –
cat brushing himself
Last, but not least, there are humans walking among us who were fortunate enough to be lovingly embraced by a cat –
more cat hug gifs
white cat hugging his human
another white cat hugging his human
cat hug gifs
So, feeling like being hugged by a cat? Here’s one just for you, with a hug and even a kiss!

Feeling like giving your own kitty a hug?

That may or may not be a good idea. We have to remember that many cats prefer not to be hugged. Some cats don’t even want to be held up. Even cats that are ok with hugging their humans may not always be in the mood for it. Respect your cat’s boundaries and only give them a hug IF and when they want to.

I hope you enjoyed this little collection of cat hug gif’s! I had a lot of fun making it! Now’s the time for you to make someone else’s day! Do you know a cat lover who may be a little bit down today? Maybe someone who’s struggling at work? Give them a helping paw by sending them this list! You can easily spread the hugs by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest too!


  1. Oh my goodness, these are adorable. It’s impossible to pick a favorite one. The last one is so cute. There’s nothing sweeter than a furry hug. Thanks for putting this together for us. I’ll share on my social media. Ciao!

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