Caturday Cute Kitty Cat Picture & The Plight Of Feral Cats

It’s time for our weekly dose of kitty cuteness!

They don’t come much cuter than this one, I do believe.

Little grey cat lying on an orange blanket on the couch

I love how healthy this beautiful silver kitten looks. Alert yet relaxed, he’s eager to play without showing any sign of playtime aggression.

This handsome baby is most likely a rescued street cat. Very possibly a formerly feral kitten, judging by his cute tipped ear. Which gives me a great opportunity to mention two of my favorite topics: feral cats and TNR!

Feral Cats & TNR – A Recap

Feral cats are cats that were born and raised with little or no contact with humans. They are wild by nature but can  be socialized to become wonderful pet cats. It just takes a lot of work and patience.

Older feral cats are often set in their ways. So much so that socialization will take too much time and effort on the part of rescuers, and will likely stress out the cat too much. It’s usually not worth it.

The solution for these cats does not include socialization. Instead, rescuers trap them, have them neutered and then return the cats to where they were initially trapped. Hence the Acronym: TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return).  Ideally, with a responsible caregiver to provide them with food, shelter and basic care, these feral cats can lead long happy lives.

So much for adult feral cats.

Feral kittens are different. They are younger and far more flexible in terms of their ability to change. The younger the kitten, the easier it is to socialize him or her. Many of these kittens turn out to be wonderful pet cats.

I hope this is the case with that adorable kitten in the picture! I’m glad I could use that awesome photo on a Caturday. It gave me a chance to talk about the plight of feral cats while still offering an uber cute photo on the blog!

Learn more about feral cats

If you want to learn more about feral cats, there’s a couple of articles I think you should read. Both very easy to follow –

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These are just the beginning. If you want to better understand feral care, there are many wonderful people who can help you find out more at the Feral Cats forum at

Extra hugs and kisses for you and your cats today and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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