Why this is the best cat tree ever

Cat trees are important for our cats’ well-being. They are large and often expensive, so making an informed decision is important when you buy one. The Go Pet Club model F2040 is by far the most popular model sold on Amazon. Thousands of buyers can’t be wrong, so I want to show you today why this is in fact the best cat tree ever.

Best Cat Tree

What to look for when buying a cat tree

Cat trees are large constructions, usually made of wood and wrapped up in carpeting material. Their purpose is to provide your cat with opportunity and motivation to climb and move around.

This is important for indoor-only cats as they tend to get less exercise than cats that go outside. Keeping cats indoors is important for their safety but it also makes some cats more sedentary. As cat owners, we have to provide our indoor-only kitties with places to climb, run and play. Since they don’t get to climb trees outside, it only makes sense to create an equivalent platform within our homes. Hence, these artificial cat trees.

Here’s a quick overview of what qualities you should be looking for when shopping for the best cat tree.

1. Size

Where it comes to size, the rule is simple: The larger, the better. If you could turn your entire home into a cat “forest” that spans across rooms, with tunnels and shelves interconnecting the branches, that would be the definition of Kitty heaven. Some people actually do that! And I will be blogging about that soon. For most us this is not a realistic goal. Finding a great large and spacious cat tree is.

Make sure the tree is tall enough. Slightly taller than a human is a good choice because it leaves your cat with just enough room between the tree and the ceiling and helps you make the most of the vertical space in your home.

2. Multiple levels

A tall tree means there should be several levels. This provides even more space and interest and lets Kitty exercise her or his muscles while climbing to the top floor. Multiple levels are important in a multi-cat household as well. They allow several cats to use the cat tree at the same time.

3. Hiding places

Speaking of multiple cats, having enough places to rest on the cat tree is crucial. The best cat tree should have at least as many “caves” as the number of cats using it (consider getting more cat trees if you have more than 2-3 cats). Having a sheltered area on the tree means your cat is more inclined to spend time there napping. Which means more exercise while getting to that awesome napping spot.

If you have more than one cat, any hiding box should have more than one opening. You don’t want any cat to feel trapped when the other cat approaches the box.

4. Scratching areas

All cat trees have vertical areas (usually polls). They are like a real tree’s trunk and branches and serve as excellent scratching surfaces for most cats. Just like they would have clawed at a trunk or a branch outside, you can expect them to do the same with the cat tree. Which is great! The more he or she claws at the tree, the less inclined your cat will be to scratch your furniture.

These scratching areas need to be covered in sisal which encourages cats to scratch. Once it wears out you should be able to replace it with fresh sisal, or even add an additional layer of sisal.

5. Stability

I cannot stress this point enough. All cat furniture needs to be extremely stable. Whether it’s a smaller scratching post or a huge cat tree. Cats don’t like jumping on or leaning against wobbly furniture. Can’t blame them, this is something humans don’t appreciate either.

With cat trees, stability is even more important. It’s a safety issue which affects cats, humans and any other species living in the same household. A cat tree that topples over can be dangerous for all concerned, so you must make sure the cat tree has a large enough base and is stable.

6. Ease of assembly

You rarely buy a pre-assembled cat tree. It just doesn’t make sense to ship a huge bulky item like that in one piece. Your cat tree is likely to arrive in a box with multiple parts which you need to put together. Clear instructions and fast assembly make things so much easier for you.

7. Aesthetics

Let’s get one thing clear: Cats don’t really care about the cat tree’s color or aesthetics.

They couldn’t care less if it’s green, orange or looks like a magical castle. That said, any piece of cat furniture should be pleasing to the human eye. You are likely to place the cat tree in a central location in your home, probably the living room. In the best interest of your home decor, a neutral-colored tree with an elegant and simple design is usually your best bet.

8. Durability

Let’s face it. Cat furniture don’t last forever. There is wear and tear involved in using them and that should be expected. The best cat tree is one that is durable enough to withstand feline use for several years. How long depends on the materials used for construction and how much use the tree gets. It’s all a question of value for money… which brings me to the last point –

9. The price

Cat trees come in a variety of prices. A good one, that meets all of the criteria detailed above can easily run into the hundreds of dollars. How about this beautiful cat tree? Like it? I think it looks ok but the $1,000 price tag puts it way out of my budget limits.

$1000 cat tree

Why the F2040 cat tree model is so awesome

Now that we know what makes a good cat tree, let’s get back to the The Go Pet Club model F2040 and see why it’s such a good candidate for the title of Best Cat Tree.

best-cat-tree-blueBest Cat Tree

The F2040 is the perfect size. At the height of 72 inches  (1.83 centimeters) it allows your cat to climb high up, without getting too close to the ceiling. It is also fairly wide. The base is 28 inches wide but the entire tree is no fewer than 50 inches wide. That’s a lot of space for Kitty to explore and move around in.

It has three levels, or actually three and a half, as the top three perches are not at the same height. Perfect for several cats to enjoy at once. With two spacious boxes, your cats have a choice of great hiding nooks and corners. What’s more, with more than one opening in each box, no cat ever feels trapped when another cat approaches the box. The four polls are all covered in sisal, providing scratching posts galore, literally on every level of the three.

This tree is as stable as it gets. Don’t just go by my word on that. Reviewers on Amazon describe how sturdy the F2040 model is. Cats jump, run and climb on it but the tree stays up.

As for ease of assembly, I guess that is a relative concept. Reading through the reviews, looks like most people had no problem putting it together in under an hour or even half an hour. It takes me longer to put together Ikea furniture, so this sounds reasonable.

One of the things I really like about this cat tree is the way it looks. This is obviously a matter of personal choice but for me this one absolutely meets the criteria for best cat tree in terms of home decor. It’s available in two colors: beige or blue. The posts are still a beige sisal in the blue model as well. Both designs are clean, effective and neutral enough to fit right in into any living room.

Durability is where this tree gets less than a perfect score. It comes with the Amazon guarantee, so if it’s broken or somehow defective when you get it, you’ll have no problems with replacing it. The problem is with anything that happens after the 30-day-long warranty the company provides. Reviewers mention that you have to screw everything properly when assembling it but some note that the towers can come apart at times. Easy to put back into place, but not much fun nonetheless.

Which gets me to the last point. This tree is extremely affordableIt’s currently priced at under $100 at Amazon. $82.90 to be exact, at the time of writing this post. 

This is simply a bargain! You won’t find any cat tree that gets such high marks in virtually all of the criteria at under $100. It’s a steal, it really is.

Wait, so is this really the best cat tree?

In terms of value for money, the Go Pet Club model F2040 is undoubtedly the best cat tree out there.

Are there better cat trees out there? I think few come close in terms of design – even some very expensive models. It’s pretty awesome in size and features. The only downside would be durability, as it’s not made of wood. For this price though, it’s a really good option for every cat owner.

The proof is in the pudding. I do believe in the wisdom of the crowds. In this case, the crowd of dedicated cat owners has spoken with its wallet. The Go Pet Club model F2040 is the best selling cat tree on Amazon. By far. With more than 3700 units sold and an average score of 4.6 stars out of five, we clearly have a winner here.

Which is why I would not hesitate to call it the best cat tree currently available for cat owners. Check it out for yourself on Amazon and let me know what you think. If you own this model, do add a review here in your comments too.

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