Weekly Cat Tip: How to keep Kitty interested in her toys

Whether you buy your cat toys in bulk or one by one, soon enough you may find that you have quite the collection. The problem? Your cat gets tired of her old toys and doesn’t want to play with them anymore. This quick tip will help you get more mileage – and value – out of your cat’s toys.

Cat toys are cute and colorful. Let’s face it, we often buy an awesome cat toy because we think it’s really cute. Which is perfectly ok, of course. As long as Kitty enjoys it and uses it, there’s nothing wrong with it being the shape of Yoda or Darth Vader.

Star Wars Cat Toys

At least, I won’t hold it against you 😉

Not all cats get to have a collection of toys. Some cats are like sophisticated land based intercontinental ballistic missiles. They are programmed to seek and destroy new cat toys faster than you can pull them out of the bag. They pounce, bat and “kill” the toy like every cat should. Then they continue to chew on it until it’s completely and utterly destroyed. Mission accomplished.

However, with other cats, toys can survive for the (relative) long haul. Only then you find out that Kitty doesn’t want them anymore. They were awesome at first, captivating and interesting, and now they are just lying there on the floor, entirely rejected.

Tip: How to keep your cat interested in her toys

You can literally keep the toys fresh and engaging by rotating them.

Here’s how to do that –

1. Collect the toys and place them in a large box.

2. If your cat likes catnip, sprinkle some catnip in the box.

3. Keep the box out of Kitty’s reach.

4. Take only 2-3 toys out of the box at a time, and let your cat play with them.

5. Every two days, return the used toys to the box and take out 2-3 different toys.

Keep rotating the toys every two days. If your cat still seems bored, switch to rotating them daily. The important thing is not to leave them lying around once your cat is no longer interested in playing. They should be stashed away, preferably with some fresh catnip.

With enough toys, you should not be repeating the same toys more often than once every week or two. For most cats, that means the toys are almost as good as new!

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