How Stainless Steel Cat Bowls Help Keep Kitty Healthy

We all know that what we feed our cats with is important. The dishes we use can have a significant effect on Kitty’s health as well. In this post, I’ll explain why Stainless steel cat bowls are a much better choice than any plastic equivalent, and offer you a few awesome choices by Amazon, so you can easily get the best possible dish for your cat’s needs.

Stainless steel cat bowls

The problem with plastic pet dishes

Plastic can be a great material for many daily uses. It’s durable, lightweight, colorful, cheap and easy for designers to work with. We’re so used to having it around us in our homes it almost makes sense to use it for a feeding dish for Kitty, right?

Not really.

In fact, there are two problems with using plastic for feeding dishes –

1. Plastic can release toxic compounds into food.

Plastic is a general name for many kinds of organic polymers. Some types of plastic contain chemicals such as bisphenol A and phthalates. These are known to cause health problems in humans and probably pets as well.

Our own plastic cups and plates are made of good-quality plastic that does not contain harmless compounds. As long as you buy from a trusted brand, there is little reason to worry. However, with pet dishes, manufacturers often opt for cheaper types of plastic which may be less safe and can harm your cat’s health.

2. Plastic can harbor harmful bacteria.

Plastic may seem smooth but many types of plastic quickly get scratched. The surface turns rough and uneven, at least on a microscopic level. You may not be able to see these scratches but miniscule amounts of cat food get stuck in there, providing germs with a place to grow and multiply.

The end result is a contaminated feeding dish. It may look clean but it is teeming with microbial life. Yikes! Most cats can handle the added bacterial load fairly well but kittens, older cats and those with immunocompromised immune system can get diarrhea from these bugs.

The main problem with bacteria in plastic dishes is actually acne. Yes, cats can get acne on their chin and more often than not, it’s the food dish that’s to blame. Acne is a bacterial infection caused by the friction between the cat’s chin and the germs found on its plastic dish. Switching to a stainless steel cat bowls can often cure feline chin acne within days.

Why Stainless Steel Cat Bowls?

What you’re looking for is feeding dishes that have an entirely smooth surface that won’t get scratched. Ceramic dishes can actually be just as fine, as long as you stick to high-quality ones that don’t contain harmful lead-based dyes. Make sure to replace them if you see any visible scratches or chips as these can be playgrounds for pathogenic germs.

Stainless steel cat bowls are actually better simply because they weigh less than heavy ceramic dishes and are not fragile. They are almost always cheaper as well. Most importantly, they contain no dyes and never get scratched or chipped. They are even dishwasher-safe, so you can really make sure they are squeaky clean!

Time to Go Shopping For Stainless Steel Cat Bowls!

This is a shopping blog after all! Here are some wonderful options I found on Amazon. These are quality stainless steel feeding dishes you can use for years to come. Well worth the initial investment. In fact, that initial investment is probably a lot smaller than what you’d expect it to be – most of these are priced at under $10 per bowl!

Pureness Stainless Steel Cat Dish

This small and effective feeding dish is 4.2 inches in diameter and 1.3 inches tall. It’s great for providing a measured portion of cat food each time. Currently priced at $4.99 it’s a simple and affordable solution for feeding your cat. Check it out here on Amazon.

The Ethical Double Diner

This stainless steel cat bowls duo lets you place some fresh water next to Kitty’s food. Don’t use it to feed two cats at once, unless you are absolutely sure they won’t mind eating while being so close to one another. Check out this affordable set on Amazon.


Mr. Peanut’s Premium Double Dish

A fancier version of a dual feeding solution is Mr. Peanut’s Premium Double Dish. It’s slightly more expensive but it is beautifully designed and comes with a no-rust guarantee and excellent customer service. Check it out on Amazon.


SpeedyPet Stainless Steel Bowls

Who says stainless steel needs to be a boring chrome color? There is absolutely no problem with having a colorful design on the outside! Just look at these gorgeous orange dishes – or click to see more about them on Amazon.


As you can see, there are many designs to choose from, so I’ll leave you with a link to Amazon’s selection of stainless steel feeding dishes. I’m willing to bet you’re going to find something there that you’re going to love!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Maybe one of your friends will find it useful too? If you think one of your friends may still be using plastic dishes for Kitty, please share this post with them via Facebook or Twitter! Thank you!

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