Whiskas Temptations cat treats to the rescue!

Whiskas Temptations cat treatsYes, I know. Processed commercial cat treats are pretty much the equivalent of junk food for people. They’re delicious but they are often rich in fats and carbs. Whiskas Temptations cat treats are actually nutritionally balanced but they are treats and should be fed as such, not as a cat’s main diet.

Let’s rewind here for a moment <insert funny rewinding sound here>…

They are delicious.

I haven’t tasted Whiskas Temptations cat treats myself, of course (or any other kind of cat food or treats!) but my cats have. I knew cats loved them but it was only this week that I discovered how delicious they must really be.

They were a lifesaver for one of one cat this week.

How Whiskas Temptations cat treats helped Louie

You see, I adopted my mother’s cat this week. She can no longer care for him properly and so he moved in with us. He’s a 12 year old sweet red tabby and he had a difficult time with the move. Hardly surprising. Five days later, he’s doing very well, thanks to a lot of TLC. However, the first 24 hours were incredibly stressful for him. So much so that he’d stopped eating. He wouldn’t touch any of his food, dry or wet.

When 24 hours went by and he still wasn’t eating, I started tempting him with various homemade treats. Tuna in water? Nope. Cooked chicken breast? Not interested. My mother had warned me that Louie was a finicky eater but I was getting worried. I had to go to the pet store to buy a new scratching post for him and they gave me some cat treats to sweeten the deal. Whiskas Temptations cat treats. Beef flavored.

I let him smell them first and within seconds he was munching away on these crunchy cream-filled treats. He ate five pieces and then took a break. Only five pieces but that’s five more than nothing! I was relieved.

What happens when a cat stops eating

I knew that Louie’s sudden loss of appetite was probably stress-induced but I also knew that it could put his liver at risk if it were to last for more than 48 hours.

With no food coming in, the liver begins to break down fatty tissues. Cats are particularly sensitive to this process and if it goes on for more than a few days, their liver becomes inflamed. It doesn’t matter what triggered the initial loss of appetite, once the liver becomes affected the cat becomes sick. Liver sickness often involves vomiting and nausea which naturally suppress the cat’s appetite even more.

You can read here more about why cats stop eating and get some ideas on how to get a cat to eat again here. Basically, if your cat stops eating, you should do whatever you can to encourage him to take in some food. Anything goes as long as it’s safe for cats. This is the time to pamper Kitty with a little bit of tuna fish in water, some chicken breast or a spoonful of yogurt. Whatever his favorite treat may be.

For Louie, this week, it was Whiskas Temptations cat treats. I’m just happy I found something that worked!

I’m not about to tell you that these treats have any healing properties. Far from it. They’re just cat treats. It’s also entirely possible that I happened to offer them at the point when the cat was already beginning to adjust to his surroundings. All I’m saying, they can’t be too bad, so if you’re looking to try new cat treats, give them a try.

And with this being a cat shopping blog, here’s a link to buy these treats on Amazon. This is an affiliate link, so if you buy after clicking, I get a very small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you!

Photos of Louie coming soon! I don’t want to stress him with photo shoots just now. He spends most of his time in my office room where it’s too dark to take any semi-decent pictures. His excursions outside of this room are gradually getting longer so eventually I’ll be able to snap some pictures. Stay tuned!

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