Has the cat got your rings?

Rings have an annoying tendency to get lost, don’t they? If you keep them in a jewelry box or even a drawer, you may as well forget about them. After all, out of sight is often out of mind. When it’s time to take one off, it’s much more effective to have them nicely arranged and visible. What better place for that than on a kitty’s tail? Not a real one, obviously! Check out this cute little cat-shaped ring holder –

Cat ring holder

This adorable little kitty is made of cast metal for strength and durability. Shiny chrome plating adds a glossy sophisticated finish. I love its pudgy little shape that’s all about roundness and keeping this little guy as stable as possible even with several rings on its tail.

It can hold quite a few rings on the tail but know that they will end up touching the surface on which this cat ring holder is standing (unlike what you see in the picture). Make sure you have a dry and cozy spot for this metal cutie, or be prepared to get your rings a tad wet. The good news is that it’s a compact item so won’t be taking up too much surface space. You can read the full specs here on Amazon.

Where can you use your cat ring holder?

You can have several of these around your home. Wherever you may be taking off your rings would be  good place for a cat ring holder. I know I take mine off when cleaning or if I decide to wash a few plates and cups. The shower is another great place for a ring holder and of course, right by your bedside. Priced at only $8, there’s no reason not to have two or three of these little kitties wherever you may be taking off your rings.

As always, here’s the Amazon link where you can get more information about this product and order it for yourself, or as a gift for a good friend.

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