Caturday Cat Cuteness

Who wants a dose of kitty cuteness for the weekend? Do I see any hands up? I know I’m in the mood for a good feline “awww…” moment, so why not share the eye candy with all of you?

Cat Cuteness for an extra dose of feline aww on the weekend!

Eye candy is a good way to describe this photo. Not only is the kitten sweet but all of these colorful mini-pillows in the background create a candy shop atmosphere. They’re so colorful too! It’s a great pick-me-up picture isn’t it?

She’s such a pretty tortoiseshell kitten, with her cute little nose split in half into ginger and black. I also find her eye color intriguing. It’s almost as if she has a mixed pattern of brown shades there as well.

I hope you enjoy this dose of cat cuteness. Have a wonderful weekend, kitties and humans!

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