The Cat Window Box That Will Save Your Cat From Boredom

Keeping cats inside is certainly much safer for them, allowing for a longer and healthier life. You have to keep Kitty safe from boredom too and a great way to do that is to allow her uninterrupted – and safe – exposure to everything that’s going on outside. This cat window box is just perfect for that and you can order yours here on Amazon.

Cat window box

The danger that lurks inside your home

When you keep Kitty inside, you’re protecting her from many dangers. She is safe from car accidents, mean people, dangerous dogs and other predators. That’s excellent, so don’t stop doing that. However, don’t forget to protect her from one very real danger that lurks inside your home: Boredom.

You see, cats evolved to patrol their territory, look for prey and for potential predators. Stimuli are a constant factor in that lifestyle. Things keep moving all around a cat who’s outside so boredom is never an issue. When we keep our cats indoor-only, we need to supply them with a similar level of stimulation.

Boredom is a very real problem with indoor-cats. We can solve it using toys, puzzle feeders, catnip and interacting with our cat. Without these stimuli, a bored cat can suffer from stress and revert to problem behaviors such as over-grooming, overeating and even litterbox avoidance.

What’s a cat window box and how it can help you

A cat window box is essentially a perch besides a window. A window sill, if you like, safely anchored on the inside of one of your windows, providing Kitty with uninterrupted views of the great outdoors. Anything and everything that happens outside becomes a source of entertainment. Cars, humans, dogs and other cats, birds and squirrels… the parade never stops!

Why a cat window box and not just a window perch?

When you use a box, it provides your cat with an extra sense of protection. In a way, having that little roof over her head is like lying in a small cave on her own private cliff. A bit like what a mountain lion would do in the wild. This is especially helpful if you’re dealing with a shy cat. (Speaking of which, check out this awesome post where 16 top cat experts share tips about dealing with timid cats).

The cat window box shown in the picture above is a great choice. Made by K&H, you can easily attach it to your window with the super strong suction cups. It’s strong enough to hold up to 100 lbs so even two or three cats there (one of your cats may actually like using the roof as another shelf!), it won’t topple over.

Take another look at this cat window box on Amazon, check out the full specs and the reviews and do your kitty a huge favor: order your own so your cat can enjoy the change of seasons and everything else that’s going on outside – in the safety of your home.


  1. I’ve had a window seat for my 2 for the last year. I do believe I’ll have to order this larger perch so they can share the space without sitting on top of each other. Thanks for sharing this!

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