The Feline Fantasy Brush

I posted before on a similar product which Amazon no longer sells. It’s time for a post update about what used to be called the feline fantasy brush and is now the Purrfect Arch Self-Groomer and Massager.

What used to be the feline fantasy brush is now urrfect Arch Self-Groomer and Massager

This contraption has a simple enough concept. A comfortable perch with a bow shaped brush stuck into it. The idea is to allow your cat to naturally rub against the brush on both sides, effectively combing its coat on its own.

It may not be an effective replacement for a good grooming brush, but it can provide stimulation, stress-relief and some hair combing benefits for cats. You can check out the specs here on Amazon.

Reviews show that while some cats couldn’t be bothered, many others do enjoy spending time rubbing against this self-brushing arch. If your cat just craves rubbing against things this could be great for her or him.

In fact, for the cats that use the arch, it can be offer benefits that go beyond grooming. You see, rubbing against objects provides your cat with a way to mark territory. There are special glands on the cat’s head and neck which secrete pheromones. These are natural chemicals that affect behavior in various ways.  In the case of cats, the pheromones of the neck and head glands are used for territorial marking. We can’t smell them but other cats can. It’s like a neon sign screaming: Kitty lives here!

As it happens, the feline paw pads secrete the same pheromones as well which is how scratching a post (or the furniture) includes an element of territorial marking. These scent signals can make your cat far more secure and relaxed. After all, this place now smells like home!

That’s how providing Kitty with a brushing arch can work towards helping her or him feel more secure in their own environment. The constant marking with pheromones helps relieve stress by providing a sense of security in one’s own territory.

You can order the brush-arch or arch-brush right here on Amazon.

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