4th Of July Patriotic Cat Collar

The 4th of July is around the corner! With only one more month to go:

Is Kitty ready for the parade??

Ok, so you probably should not take your cat to watch the parade and even if yours is an indoor-outdoor cat, keeping him inside during fireworks night is a good idea too. That doesn’t mean your cat shouldn’t enjoy the holiday with you! There’s no need to badger Kitty with an elaborate costume or feed her BBQ dishes. All it takes is switching over from your regular “bleh” collar to this elegant patriotic breakaway cat collar – patriotic-collar

This elegant collar adorned with a chevron pattern of stripes and stars, in blue, white and red, is just the cat’s meow when it comes to Independence Day feline chic. It’s as practical as it is beautiful with its breakaway buckle allowing for a fast release in case Kitty manages to get it entangled in something. That’s a standard safety feature in cat collars: They should always have a breakaway buckle or be stretchy enough for a cat to wiggle his or her head out of the collar in case of emergency.

The collar comes with a bell but you don’t have to keep it. Some cats don’t mind bells on their collars but others really dislike them, so see how your cat reacts and if needs be, just snap the bell off.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, yes, this collar is made in the US 😀 Each collar is handmade with attention to detail and finish. You can choose one of three sizes so it can fit a kitten or an adult cat, even a large one. What’s more, with these being custom-made collars, you can even ask for your own specs, for a particularly large cat.

Check out this patriotic collar on Amazon and order yours today so Kitty can wear his collar proudly next month!

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