An Affordable Quality Cat Tree For a Multi-Cat Household!

Choosing a good cat tree isn’t something to be taken lightly. Pet owners today realize the importance of exercise and mental stimulation for their cats. Just about everyone knows by now how cats need the right environment where they can run, jump, climb and simply “be cats”. A good cat tree is a great addition to every household with cats in it and let’s face it, we think they’re pretty too!

The problem is that cat trees are not cheap. In that sense, this is very different from getting yet another cute toy mouse from Petsmart on your way home. It’s an actual investment which you need to consider more carefully. You probably won’t be buying more than one cat tree at a time – unless you and your cat are lucky enough to be able to set up an entire forest right away 😉 – so you want to make sure you make the most of the one buy. And if you have more than one cat, space is an issue.

Here’s a model we can wholeheartedly recommend for multi-cat households. It’s the Go Pet Club F2040 model and it’s available on Amazon


cat tree

Why this model?

Let’s start from the bottom line – it’s affordable. In fact, currently priced at under $100, it’s a bargain! Next, it has three separate towers, with three separate top perches. In addition to that, two boxes are there, so all in all, five cats can find room to rest there, at leisure and without fighting over space.

You can see that this tree was designed by someone who knows cats and understands what life in a multi-cat household. Take a look at the boxes, for example. Each one has two entry ports. That means no cat gets trapped inside if another cat approaches. Having an escape route in such situations can be a life-saver for a cat in situations which could otherwise become way too stressful.

The designer took care of the little things too: the steps up the ladders, the toy mice attached for some fun playtime before a nap, the sisal ropes on the posts for the occasional “stretch & scratch”. This tree is every cat’s dream tree and the perfect addition for your household.

All you have to do is order it via Amazon and you’ll be assembling it at home in no time. Reviewers mention how easy it is to put together. Within 30 minutes you can have this masterpiece in your living room and hey, it’s beautiful enough to be there too. In short, if you don’t have a cat tree yet, or if you’re looking to add one to your home, this makes a great choice, and thousands of positive reviews say the same. Click to order yours on Amazon today!

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