Delightful Cat Treat Jar

Still in the mood for pretty gifts for cat lovers, I found this absolutely lovely glass jar:

This delightful jar can make an absolutely wonderful unique gift for any cat lover. It’s the kind of collector’s item that lasts forever, both practical and beautiful.

Top quality octagonal glass jar with a polished aluminum top that comes with a rubber gasket for a tight seal. The top has a beautifully carved cat, playfully looking at a dangling fish.

The makers of this jar, Arthur court designs, recommend this jar for cat treats storage. It does make sense, although this pretty vessel can be used for pretty much anything. In fact, you can give fill it up, either with cat treats or simply chocolate or candy and then gift it to someone special.

This jar is not cheap, currently priced at $65 at Amazon, but it truly is an upscale gift that is sure to be appreciated by anyone with an eye for feline-themed collector’s items. I should also mention that a portion of the sales goes towards funding Wilderness and Wildlife Conservation.

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