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The Latest Scoop Is Out (And It’s Made Of Stainless Steel)

Let’s talk about scooping.

Everyone who’s ever cleaned a litterbox, sifting through the litter for all those little (and big) “treasures” knows how important a good litter scoop is.

Finding a scoop with the right spacing between the slots isn’t difficult. It’s a pretty standard measure and a little variety doesn’t make much of a difference. After all, you are sifting fairly large pieces out of relatively small grains of litter. There is one element that does matter, and that’s size.

In theory, the larger the scoop, the better. However, large plastic scoops, especially the cheaper, thinner, ones, tend to bend under the pressure. The larger the scoop, the more litter it has to work against, getting stuck and making you pull out the scoop before anything has been filtered out. And good luck with not getting dirty litter splashed all around.

steel-scoopIn order to be effective, a large scoop has to be strong. Very strong. Which is why this large stainless steel scoop is so awesome! You can’t get a scoop to be much stronger, now can you?

Not only is this heavy-duty beauty made of steel, it’s actually welded rather than screwed together. Talk about strength and durability!

It’s pretty obvious this was designed by someone who knows his way around the litterbox. Features such as high-beveled sides and holes all around them (in addition to the traditional slots) make each stroke exceptionally effective.

Did I mention it was large? You need fewer of those strokes with a scoop that’s a whole of five inches wide! Remember, it won’t fold or bend under the pressure either because it’s made of welded-steel.

If all of that wasn’t enough, this scoop also manages to address the other bane of plastic scoops: scratches. Scratches on plastic are more than just unsightly. They are unhygienic. You can (and should) was the scoop after each use but there will still be invisible microbes hiding there within the scratches. If you’re like most cat owners, you’ll get disgusted enough after a while to throw out the old worn-out plastic utensil and buy a new one. Well, with this stainless steel scoop, you can really clean it between uses. It doesn’t scratch and it’s durable enough to last for years.

Don’t be deterred by the price. It is not a cheap piece of plastic and it costs more. It’s worth it though, saving you time as you can scoop more efficiently, keeping your home cleaner, and eventually, saving you money as well as you no longer have to buy a new one every few months.

Wonder how much it costs? Check out the latest price and specials on Amazon and order yours today.

Catch Of The Day: Yeowww! Catnip Fish Cat Toys in A Net

I love catnip toys for many reasons. One of them being the versatility of design. Fabric is a great medium that offers designers a variety of colors and textures with which they can create all sorts of shapes for catnip-filled toys. I’ve seen catnip toys shaped like bananas, cigars, stars, snakes, hedgehogs and so many other shapes. I’ve even seen some that cannot be mentioned in a family-friendly blog 😉 Obviously, the designs are meant for cat owners to enjoy too. The cats can appreciate the toy’s size and overall structure but we’re the one who can enjoy the sight of Kitty prowling around with a make-believe mouse in her mouth, or any other shape, mentionable or not.

toysbagYeowww! is a well-known and well-loved brand of catnip toys and I was happy to see this latest design because I think it brings together the two elements: A simple design for each toy, fish-shaped for a cat to easily grasp in its mouth, as well as a nifty concept for owners to enjoy: A bunch of fish in a single fishing net.

Each fish is a well-designed catnip toy. In the tradition of Yeowww! each fish is made of quality cotton fabric and  contains 100% organic catnip with no fillers. These fish keep their catnip allure for months, providing your cat with hours of playtime.

The fact that you have six fish in the net is great for toy rotation. Store them together in their netting and give your cat different fish every day, to keep him or her interested in them for a long while. Stash the entire net in your cat toys box and the aroma of quality organic catnip will give a nice boost to other toys as well.

Word of caution –

Some cats may find the net itself as fascinating as the fish, especially considering the strong catnip scent. Don’t let Kitty play with the net unsupervised and if your cat is a chewer, it’s best to keep the net out of reach altogether.

You can now get this awesome bundle of fish delivered by Amazon right to your doorstep, so no need to teach Kitty how to fish, just get them for her yourself!

This Summer, Get A Cat Planter For Your Garden!

I think I found the purrfect addition to your garden decor for this summer!

It’s a yellow planter with a floral pattern that’s shaped like a cat!


From paws to tail and smiling face, it’s just such a happy-looking cat, you can’t help but fall in love with this beautiful design! I love the attention to detail here, including the long whiskers and the “legs” of that famous”M” mark that all tabby cats carry on their forehead. The floral pattern is sweet too, with a retro touch emphasized by the choice of lemony yellow for the background.

Made of metal and built to last, this three-dimensional design is a sculpture in its own right, and not just a planter. Standing 17.5″ tall, it holds a 6″ diameter pot where you can grow flowers or herbs. If you want, you could keep it on a balcony in a city apartment, or even indoors, but you’d have to place a tray underneath these paws to deal with excess water coming out through the drainage holes in the bottom of the pot.

You can actually buy this on Amazon. There is some assembly required but nothing too difficult. Once it’s ready, you can just keep changing plants with the seasons, or keep a small perennial in the pot. Let’s see…. how about growing some organic catnip in it?

How to improve your cat’s dental health with Greenies

Has anyone ever told you that dry food (kibble) cleans your cat’s teeth? Well, turns as it turns out it doesn’t. You can read more about it in this article: Does Dry Food Actually Clean Your Cat’s Teeth?

However, while generic dry food doesn’t do much for dental health, specifically formulated dental foods and treats can. The ones that do have an official “seal of approval” from The Veterinary Oral Health Council. While these products won’t necessarily replace proper oral hygiene or dental care, they can help reduce the layer of tartar which otherwise accumulates on your cat’s teeth.

For cats, the most popular option is probably the Greenies dental treats:


As you can see, the package proudly presents the VOHC seal, stating that these treats have been approved for tartar control. The unique shape and texture of these treats mean that they gently file away excess tartar and plaque, for healthier teeth and gums. Made with added vitamins, minerals and taurine, they also give Kitty a nice nutritional boost.

As with all treats, make sure you don’t overfeed. Greenies are yummy and most cats love getting their daily dose of dental care with them but the bottom line is that these are treats and should not contribute too many calories to your cat’s overall diet. The good news is that they have less than 2 calories per treat, so feeding 5-10 of these a day is fine. Just calculate them into your cat’s daily treats allowance, and not as food, and you should be ok.

Remember to regularly check your cat’s teeth. Contact your veterinarian if you notice any of the following –

  • cavities or caries
  • loose teeth
  • bad breath
  • reddened or swollen gums

Each of these could be symptoms of tooth decay or gum disease, or they could be the first indications of other kinds of health problems. They should be evaluated by a veterinarian and treated.

If your cat is diabetic, elderly or has existing dental issues, it’s best to consult with your veterinarian before making any changes to his or her nutrition, including with treats. If Kitty is healthy and you just want to pamper her with a healthy treat that’s approved by veterinary dental specialist, just click here and order your packet of feline Greenies treats!

4th Of July Patriotic Cat Collar

The 4th of July is around the corner! With only one more month to go:

Is Kitty ready for the parade??

Ok, so you probably should not take your cat to watch the parade and even if yours is an indoor-outdoor cat, keeping him inside during fireworks night is a good idea too. That doesn’t mean your cat shouldn’t enjoy the holiday with you! There’s no need to badger Kitty with an elaborate costume or feed her BBQ dishes. All it takes is switching over from your regular “bleh” collar to this elegant patriotic breakaway cat collar – patriotic-collar

This elegant collar adorned with a chevron pattern of stripes and stars, in blue, white and red, is just the cat’s meow when it comes to Independence Day feline chic. It’s as practical as it is beautiful with its breakaway buckle allowing for a fast release in case Kitty manages to get it entangled in something. That’s a standard safety feature in cat collars: They should always have a breakaway buckle or be stretchy enough for a cat to wiggle his or her head out of the collar in case of emergency.

The collar comes with a bell but you don’t have to keep it. Some cats don’t mind bells on their collars but others really dislike them, so see how your cat reacts and if needs be, just snap the bell off.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, yes, this collar is made in the US 😀 Each collar is handmade with attention to detail and finish. You can choose one of three sizes so it can fit a kitten or an adult cat, even a large one. What’s more, with these being custom-made collars, you can even ask for your own specs, for a particularly large cat.

Check out this patriotic collar on Amazon and order yours today so Kitty can wear his collar proudly next month!

A cat-shaped diamond ring

Wow, this one really takes the cake. Even a wedding cake! I think this beautiful cat-themed gold and diamond ring could make the purrfect engagement ring, don’t you?

cat-diamond-ringI love just how delicate this design is. Made of 14 karat solid gold it manages to convey a classy sense of elegance yet with a whimsical touch too. Those cat ears there are almost like a secret message for other cat lovers, aren’t they? No need for a face, we know a cat by just about any trait, sweet cat ears included!

The ring has a small – yet absolutely real – 1.1mm white diamond set into it. It’s custom made and you can tell the artist’s dedication to felines. A gorgeous piece of jewelry for any cat lover that can stay in your family for generations to come.

Click to read more and order your custom-made cat gold ring on Amazon