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Check Out This “Play Station” for your cat!

Do you keep your cat strictly indoor? That’s what many cat owners choose to do in order to keep their cats safe. After all, the great outdoors can be very dangerous for our sweet little kitties. Keeping them inside is definitely safer for them.

However, being inside can be boring. Outside, a cat would have access to more stimulation, in particular that offered by its natural prey such as bugs, small rodents and birds. If we choose to keep Kitty indoor, we need to make sure she gets the same level of stimuli. And no, that does not mean you need to bring in birds, mice or – heavens forbid – bugs. Fortunately, cats do just as well with “artificial prey”, aka cat toys.

Today we have a great option for environmental enrichment! Check out this awesome “play-station” for kitties!


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Let me start with the least important feature for your cat: It’s a really pretty item. I love the design and the colors so much I think it would look great as part of your home decor. It measures 18″ by 13″ by 5″ and you can definitely put it in your living room. It’s bound to be a conversation starter with your guests and show off your commitment to cat care!

Moving on to the more important stuff (for your cat, at least), this structure offers a wonderful opportunity for Kitty to practice her hunting skills. It’s a small “mouse cave” as far as they’re concerned and inside they can find the coveted prey, in this case a rolling ball. The entire structure moves as they jump on it or pounce at it, making the balls inside roll and move around. How exciting to have your prey move!

Some cats would jump on top of this device while others may prefer to stay by its side where the world is more stable 😉 Either way, it’s a terrific way to entice them to play hunt, and they can do that while you’re away too. If you happen to foster or raise kittens – this would make a perfect setting for playing “King Of The Hill” (make sure you capture that on video and put it on youtube – it’s going to be really funny to watch!)

Best of all, you can easily and quickly order this unique item on Amazon.

Your cat is in for a treat: Temptations MixUps

It may surprise some cat owners but the truth is not all cats like cat treats. Some cats tend to stick to one type of food and no other delicacy will get them to change their mind. That may sound like a good thing but it’s not. Nutritional variety is as important to our cats as it is to us. Sure, treats can rarely be considered to be health food but the very fact that your cat has more than one food source is actually a good idea. If your cat refuses to try foods other than one specific kind, it’s ok to try and tempt her by trying various kinds of treats, homemade or store-bought. These oceanic treats by Temptations are a good kind to try simply because they taste so good to cats.

temptations ocean treatsThey are crunchy on the outside yet have a soft yummy center. This line is called Surfer’s Delight and it’s all about the flavors of the ocean: tuna, shrimp, and salmon! The good thing about it is that it’s calorie-controlled. At only 2 calories a piece, you can allow Kitty a few treats a day.

Word of caution, that’s true for all cat treats: Don’t give too many treats. Even for a healthy adult cat, with no weight issues, you should not allow the total amount of treats in its diet exceed 10% of the total food intake. In fact, sticking to 5% is much safer. As delicious as these treats are, they contain a lot of highly-processed ingredients such as cornmeal, rice and yeast and are not a good base for wholesome nutrition.

Click to read more about how addictive treats can get and why you should limit your cat’s consumption of them in this article.

Which brings me back to these Temptations Mixups treats. One of the things I like best about it is this awesome container! You can easily seal it back after each use which means the treats stay fresh and crispy! That way you can limit consumption to 2-3 pieces a day and can offer fresh crunchy treats for weeks on end!

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Cat Ball Cat Cave Bed in Bright Stripes

I confess, while browsing Amazon for new products to recommend, it was this photo that caught my eye. More specifically, this adorable cross-eyed colorpoint Kitty that’s inside this fabulous cat bed.

cat ball bed

Did you know that colorpoint blue-eyed cats (often referred to as “Siamese” even though they aren’t necessarily even purebred) are genetically predisposed to being cross-eyed? It’s not a trait that ethical breeders encourage, of course, but us cat lovers are often suckers for funny faces and you have to admit, it makes a Kitty’s face look absolutely adorable.

And now, to the business of this awesome cat bed and why it would make a great gift to your cat, cross-eyed or not. For one thing, the shape. Cats love hiding in small caves and this one is purrfectly shaped, with a large enough opening for you to keep an eye on Kitty at all times, even as he’s snuggled inside his “cat cave” (but wait! There’s more to the shape!). It’s also large enough as a unit which means a larger feline would find it just as comfortable but also that if you have more than one cat and they like to snuggle up together, this could be a good choice for your crew. And, here’s the really smart thing about the design: it has a second opening in the back –

cat bed from behind

This means a lot. It means no cat ever feels trapped inside. An important feature in a multi-cat household, especially if one of the cats is intimidated by another. It also means that if you happen to have kittens in your home, they’re going to have a blast exploring this huge cave and use it as a tunnel as well. The small opening one is about 6″ diameter and the larger one is about 10″ so you can try and get an estimate of how your own feline(s) fit in.

Made with 100% cotton fabrics and a foam interior you know it’s going to be comfortable for your pets to sleep in and easy for you to wash the six panels it’s made of.

Last, but not least, this is simply a beautiful design. The stripes are fetching and work well with any modern home decor theme your room may have. The unique – and trademarked by The Cat Ball® – hexagonal design makes this a perfect addition to any bedroom, office room or even living room, with true designer chic!

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An Affordable Quality Cat Tree For a Multi-Cat Household!

Choosing a good cat tree isn’t something to be taken lightly. Pet owners today realize the importance of exercise and mental stimulation for their cats. Just about everyone knows by now how cats need the right environment where they can run, jump, climb and simply “be cats”. A good cat tree is a great addition to every household with cats in it and let’s face it, we think they’re pretty too!

The problem is that cat trees are not cheap. In that sense, this is very different from getting yet another cute toy mouse from Petsmart on your way home. It’s an actual investment which you need to consider more carefully. You probably won’t be buying more than one cat tree at a time – unless you and your cat are lucky enough to be able to set up an entire forest right away 😉 – so you want to make sure you make the most of the one buy. And if you have more than one cat, space is an issue.

Here’s a model we can wholeheartedly recommend for multi-cat households. It’s the Go Pet Club F2040 model and it’s available on Amazon


cat tree

Why this model?

Let’s start from the bottom line – it’s affordable. In fact, currently priced at under $100, it’s a bargain! Next, it has three separate towers, with three separate top perches. In addition to that, two boxes are there, so all in all, five cats can find room to rest there, at leisure and without fighting over space.

You can see that this tree was designed by someone who knows cats and understands what life in a multi-cat household. Take a look at the boxes, for example. Each one has two entry ports. That means no cat gets trapped inside if another cat approaches. Having an escape route in such situations can be a life-saver for a cat in situations which could otherwise become way too stressful.

The designer took care of the little things too: the steps up the ladders, the toy mice attached for some fun playtime before a nap, the sisal ropes on the posts for the occasional “stretch & scratch”. This tree is every cat’s dream tree and the perfect addition for your household.

All you have to do is order it via Amazon and you’ll be assembling it at home in no time. Reviewers mention how easy it is to put together. Within 30 minutes you can have this masterpiece in your living room and hey, it’s beautiful enough to be there too. In short, if you don’t have a cat tree yet, or if you’re looking to add one to your home, this makes a great choice, and thousands of positive reviews say the same. Click to order yours on Amazon today!

PetSafe SlimCat Interactive Toy and Food Dispenser

Cats have evolved to be hunters. They were domesticated only a few thousands of years ago – most estimates mention about 5000 years – and even then, for millennia they were kept for their value as hunters of rodents. The new feline role of pampered indoor-only Kitty is relatively new, at most decades of years old.

No wonder many cats find the fact that their food just shows up from above and into their feeding dish a bit dull. Some cats still crave the level of interest that came with having to hunt. They need the mental and physical stimulation. Without it, their life is a bit more boring and if food comes too easily, they may eat too much of it, too fast, eventually gaining unwanted weight.

That’s why experts agree that feeding solutions such as the SlimCat Interactive Toy & Food Dispenser is a great idea.

cat feeding ball

Basically, this is a hardy plastic ball inside which you place Kitty’s kibble. In order to get her food, your cat will have to bat the ball around and chase it as the kibble falls out in small amounts. It gets her exercise and food at the same way hunting would have done. It also means eating is slowed down as she can only get a small amount at the time.

Made by PetSafe, you know this product comes “from a good home”, made with safe and non-toxic materials and tried and tested on many cats.

Who is this for? It’s a great solution for these scenarios –

  • Any cat who needs exercise.
  • Any cat who needs mental stimulation.
  • Any cat whose owner is away during the day and needs entertainment.
  • Any cat who tends to eat too fast.

If your cat falls into any of these categories, do her a favor and order this unusual feeding instrument for her. It doesn’t work well with all cats and it may take some getting used to, but if it works, it can hugely improve her quality of life and health too.

Click to read more about this and to order on Amazon


Plush Mouse Cat Toy

Best Plush Toy Mice For Cats

A cat can never have too many toy mice.

It’s really as simple as that. Which is why getting a bunch of them is a very smart thing to do, especially if you have more than one cat. Here’s a great deal on Amazon that can get you 36 of quality plush toy mice at a great price.

Plush Mouse Cat Toy

As you can see, each toy mouse here is a fully-designed toy in its own right. You would pay a few bucks for each of these at the toy store, wouldn’t you? They’re pretty, fluffy, plush and the right size for Kitty to grab in her mouth and run around the house with.

If you’ve owned a cat for a while, you know how that goes though. A single mouse is bound to disappear. Some cats simply shred their toy mice apart. Others will grab their toy and hide it out of sight. You may find their secret stash some day, or you may not, but either way, those toys are out of sight and out of mind and Kitty gets bored without a fresh one. Some cats don’t even bother to hide their pretend prey and just let it lay there, all dead for them. They need fresh stimuli just like they would need a fresh live prey to hun.

That’s why rotating their toys is crucial, and with a selection of thirty-six different mice, you can do that easily. Cats don’t really mind those pretty colors – those are for us, the humans, to enjoy – but they will still sense the freshness of the toy and the fact that it hasn’t been “killed to death” 😉 in their mouth before. Also, if your cat is a notorious cat toy destroyer, this is a good way to save some money and get a good stock to begin with.

Last, but not least, with 36 pieces, you’re all set up for gifts for your friends’ kitties! Just make sure you give them a new one, still with its cardboard attached and not one that your own Kitty has already carried in its mouth.

Click to see the specs and order a your pack of mice on Amazon