Box of 60 Zanies Real Fur Rattling Rainbow Mice in Cheese Box

Many cats go crazy for fur fake mice – my own included. They are sought-after prey, to be batted around at leisure, then picked up and carried in one’s feline mouth to… who knows where. We end up buying them new toy mice, and later find the shredded or squashed remains of the other mice stashed away somewhere around the house.

It’s a good thing these toy mice aren’t that expensive and easily replaceable. However, if they are a favorite toy in your household, you may consider getting them in bulk to lower the costs even further.

This Box of 60 Fur Rattling Rainbow Mice can be a great option. With sixty mice, all catnip-treated for extra appeal, you can easily use a couple of mice a week and have the box last for many months.

By the way, if you’re wrapping up a gift for a friend who has cats, one or two of these can make a great addition – sort of like a stocking filler for cats…

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