Brown Tabby Maine Coon Cat Angel

Some gifts can be very specific. For example, this little Maine Coon angel. See, some people are huge Maine Coon fans. They can either be Maine Coon breeders, owners of one of these huge cats, or just in love with this unique breed’s looks and character. If you need to gift a Maine Coon lover, then this miniature could be the purrfect gift:

The angels theme can be just to show off your concept of felines – always perfect to a T and always angelic. Of course, when fitting, it could mean more… a forever kitty that has crossed the bridge, perhaps. The makers actually suggest using this miniature as a cat themed Christmas tree decoration, or you can remove the string to display this on a shelf or mantle.

Great for any cat figurines or angel figurines collection – this 2 inches tall hand-painted item will be cherished for generations. These are only $6.99 each on Amazon right now, and you can have them ship directly to a dear one. Click here to check for more details.

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