Cat Ball Cat Cave Bed in Bright Stripes

I confess, while browsing Amazon for new products to recommend, it was this photo that caught my eye. More specifically, this adorable cross-eyed colorpoint Kitty that’s inside this fabulous cat bed.

cat ball bed

Did you know that colorpoint blue-eyed cats (often referred to as “Siamese” even though they aren’t necessarily even purebred) are genetically predisposed to being cross-eyed? It’s not a trait that ethical breeders encourage, of course, but us cat lovers are often suckers for funny faces and you have to admit, it makes a Kitty’s face look absolutely adorable.

And now, to the business of this awesome cat bed and why it would make a great gift to your cat, cross-eyed or not. For one thing, the shape. Cats love hiding in small caves and this one is purrfectly shaped, with a large enough opening for you to keep an eye on Kitty at all times, even as he’s snuggled inside his “cat cave” (but wait! There’s more to the shape!). It’s also large enough as a unit which means a larger feline would find it just as comfortable but also that if you have more than one cat and they like to snuggle up together, this could be a good choice for your crew. And, here’s the really smart thing about the design: it has a second opening in the back –

cat bed from behind

This means a lot. It means no cat ever feels trapped inside. An important feature in a multi-cat household, especially if one of the cats is intimidated by another. It also means that if you happen to have kittens in your home, they’re going to have a blast exploring this huge cave and use it as a tunnel as well. The small opening one is about 6″ diameter and the larger one is about 10″ so you can try and get an estimate of how your own feline(s) fit in.

Made with 100% cotton fabrics and a foam interior you know it’s going to be comfortable for your pets to sleep in and easy for you to wash the six panels it’s made of.

Last, but not least, this is simply a beautiful design. The stripes are fetching and work well with any modern home decor theme your room may have. The unique – and trademarked by The Cat Ball® – hexagonal design makes this a perfect addition to any bedroom, office room or even living room, with true designer chic!

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