Cat Cookies… For the Humans

Who says it should always be cat treats? how about some treats for the humans in our favorite felines’ lives?

If you’re looking for an original gift for cat lovers, I have found just the one for you today! A lovely basket arrangement of unique handmade cat-themed cookies. These adorable kitties are only too edible, made in the great culinary tradition of all of Clever Cookie’s pastries.

The good news, for those concerned with excessive calorie consumption is that the cookies are pretty enough to make the recipient want to keep them as a decorative element.  They should be consumed and enjoyed, but hopefully in a moderate pace, to allow for a rather long lasting effect.

The Clever Cookie bakers have been making these exquisite shortbread cookie delights for over two decades now, and come recommended by leading magazines and TV shows. To fine this cat basket on their website, click here to get to their main page, then enter “cat lovers” in the search box.

Bon Apetite!

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