cat socks

Cat Crew Cotton Socks

Cats, cats everywhere! And why not on our paws, erm, I mean feet! As cat lovers we want to see those cute whiskered faces everywhere. I know I do. There’s something about the feline face that brings a smile to my own and in the case of these soft comfy socks, the feline faces are actually smiling underneath the whiskers so it’s a double win! Smiles and purrs, right on your feet!

cat socks

These socks come in an adorable gift package. There are four pairs of them, each in a different color combination so the lucky recipient – which could absolutely be yourself – can wear a different kitty each morning and have time to machine-wash the used ones. It’s a one-size fits most deal, so women with shoes size 5-10 or men with size 5.5.-7.5 will find them comfortable and easy to wear. Being 100% cotton, these socks are perfect for everyday use, soft, light and sweat-absorbent which is great to prevent unwanted foot odor.


Fun to wear with anything informal, though I can imagine even under a very formal suit they would be lots of fun. Can you imagine your banker pulling up the pants above his ankles to reveal a pair of funny cat socks? I would seriously sign any form he’d want me too if he’s wearing those! Like a secret handshake for cat lovers 😀

Check them out on Amazon and get a package for yourself and hey, maybe one for your banker as well 😉


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