Cat Exhibition Cage

While this product was designed with cat shows in mind, it can be useful for anyone who needs to go on the road with a cat. It’s sturdy and strong, and offers your cat a large enough space to be temporarily crated in comfort.

When staying at a new place, be it a hotel room or the guest room in a friend’s house, your cat is at risk of running out of the home in panic and getting lost forever. You can’t very well keep your cat confined to a tiny carrier box 24 hours a day, can you? This is where a large cage like this one can save the day.  44.5″ long and 21″ wide, it gives your cat so much room than a carrier, yet remains a light-weight portable cage.

Breeders who are indeed looking for a show cage, may like to know that the internal space can be divided into to two, by rolling the center panel up and down. This way you could use this cage for one or two cats. Each side includes a name tag holder and has its own front panel door – perfect when you need to take your cat in and out during a show.

As to be expected from cat carriers and travel arrangements of this kind, it was built with ease of cleaniness in mind and constructed from nylon based fabrics. A wet cloth is all you need to wipe it clean, and the floor can be removed for a more thorough wash.

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