Catch Of The Day: Yeowww! Catnip Fish Cat Toys in A Net

I love catnip toys for many reasons. One of them being the versatility of design. Fabric is a great medium that offers designers a variety of colors and textures with which they can create all sorts of shapes for catnip-filled toys. I’ve seen catnip toys shaped like bananas, cigars, stars, snakes, hedgehogs and so many other shapes. I’ve even seen some that cannot be mentioned in a family-friendly blog šŸ˜‰ Obviously, the designs are meant for cat owners to enjoy too. The cats can appreciate the toy’s size and overall structure but we’re the one who can enjoy the sight of Kitty prowling around with a make-believe mouse in her mouth, or any other shape, mentionable or not.

toysbagYeowww! is a well-known and well-loved brand of catnip toys and I was happy to see this latest design because I think it brings together the two elements: A simple design for each toy, fish-shaped for a cat to easily grasp in its mouth, as well as a nifty concept for owners to enjoy: A bunch of fish in a singleĀ fishing net.

Each fish is a well-designed catnip toy. In the tradition of Yeowww! each fish is made of quality cotton fabric and Ā contains 100%Ā organic catnip with no fillers. These fish keep their catnip allure for months, providing your cat with hours of playtime.

The fact that you have six fish in the net is great for toy rotation. Store them together in their nettingĀ and give your catĀ different fish every day, to keep him or her interested in them for a long while. Stash the entire net in your cat toys box and the aroma of quality organic catnip will give a nice boost to other toys as well.

Word of caution –

Some cats may find the net itself as fascinating as the fish, especially considering the strong catnip scent. Don’t let Kitty play with the net unsupervised and if your cat is a chewer, it’s best to keep the net out of reach altogether.

You can now get this awesome bundle of fish delivered by Amazon right to your doorstep, so no need to teach Kitty how to fish, just get them for her yourself!

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