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Cat Ball Cat Cave Bed in Bright Stripes

I confess, while browsing Amazon for new products to recommend, it was this photo that caught my eye. More specifically, this adorable cross-eyed colorpoint Kitty that’s inside this fabulous cat bed.

cat ball bed

Did you know that colorpoint blue-eyed cats (often referred to as “Siamese” even though they aren’t necessarily even purebred) are genetically predisposed to being cross-eyed? It’s not a trait that ethical breeders encourage, of course, but us cat lovers are often suckers for funny faces and you have to admit, it makes a Kitty’s face look absolutely adorable.

And now, to the business of this awesome cat bed and why it would make a great gift to your cat, cross-eyed or not. For one thing, the shape. Cats love hiding in small caves and this one is purrfectly shaped, with a large enough opening for you to keep an eye on Kitty at all times, even as he’s snuggled inside his “cat cave” (but wait! There’s more to the shape!). It’s also large enough as a unit which means a larger feline would find it just as comfortable but also that if you have more than one cat and they like to snuggle up together, this could be a good choice for your crew. And, here’s the really smart thing about the design: it has a second opening in the back –

cat bed from behind

This means a lot. It means no cat ever feels trapped inside. An important feature in a multi-cat household, especially if one of the cats is intimidated by another. It also means that if you happen to have kittens in your home, they’re going to have a blast exploring this huge cave and use it as a tunnel as well. The small opening one is about 6″ diameter and the larger one is about 10″ so you can try and get an estimate of how your own feline(s) fit in.

Made with 100% cotton fabrics and a foam interior you know it’s going to be comfortable for your pets to sleep in and easy for you to wash the six panels it’s made of.

Last, but not least, this is simply a beautiful design. The stripes are fetching and work well with any modern home decor theme your room may have. The unique – and trademarked by The Cat Ball® – hexagonal design makes this a perfect addition to any bedroom, office room or even living room, with true designer chic!

Check it out on Amazon




An Affordable Quality Cat Tree For a Multi-Cat Household!

Choosing a good cat tree isn’t something to be taken lightly. Pet owners today realize the importance of exercise and mental stimulation for their cats. Just about everyone knows by now how cats need the right environment where they can run, jump, climb and simply “be cats”. A good cat tree is a great addition to every household with cats in it and let’s face it, we think they’re pretty too!

The problem is that cat trees are not cheap. In that sense, this is very different from getting yet another cute toy mouse from Petsmart on your way home. It’s an actual investment which you need to consider more carefully. You probably won’t be buying more than one cat tree at a time – unless you and your cat are lucky enough to be able to set up an entire forest right away 😉 – so you want to make sure you make the most of the one buy. And if you have more than one cat, space is an issue.

Here’s a model we can wholeheartedly recommend for multi-cat households. It’s the Go Pet Club F2040 model and it’s available on Amazon


cat tree

Why this model?

Let’s start from the bottom line – it’s affordable. In fact, currently priced at under $100, it’s a bargain! Next, it has three separate towers, with three separate top perches. In addition to that, two boxes are there, so all in all, five cats can find room to rest there, at leisure and without fighting over space.

You can see that this tree was designed by someone who knows cats and understands what life in a multi-cat household. Take a look at the boxes, for example. Each one has two entry ports. That means no cat gets trapped inside if another cat approaches. Having an escape route in such situations can be a life-saver for a cat in situations which could otherwise become way too stressful.

The designer took care of the little things too: the steps up the ladders, the toy mice attached for some fun playtime before a nap, the sisal ropes on the posts for the occasional “stretch & scratch”. This tree is every cat’s dream tree and the perfect addition for your household.

All you have to do is order it via Amazon and you’ll be assembling it at home in no time. Reviewers mention how easy it is to put together. Within 30 minutes you can have this masterpiece in your living room and hey, it’s beautiful enough to be there too. In short, if you don’t have a cat tree yet, or if you’re looking to add one to your home, this makes a great choice, and thousands of positive reviews say the same. Click to order yours on Amazon today!

Kitty Crinkle Sack Cat Bed

Kitty Crinkle Sack Cat Bed

Our little felines may share a modern home with us but their heart will forever remain in the jungle. There are some mighty predators in the jungle and a sweet little kitty must have a good hiding place where she can feel safe and secure! It’s also not a bad idea to stay in your little cave to watch for small animals passing by so you might pounce one for your dinner (if you’re a cat in the imaginary jungle that is. I’m not recommending this for the humans in your household!)

In fact a kitten or a cat can feel so comfortable it a soft fluffy cat, it can make a great spot to nap in! Enter the Kitty Crinkle Sack Cat Bed!

crinkly cat bed

You may have noticed your cat trying to get into every paper bag? That’s because the crinkle of paper has a special allure. Maybe that reminds a cat of dry leaves on the floor of its cave, or I could just be stretching a metaphor here 😉 Either way, it’s obvious many cats go ga-ga for a crinkly bag. Which is why I find this crinkly cat cave/bed so awesome!

Your cat is going to love hiding in his or her own warm cave, fluffy and crinkly as it is. If you have more than one cat, you may want to order more than one of these beds. Don’t be surprised if your kitties will show little respect for ownership issues. You might find two and every three or more cats trying to squeeze into the cave all at once! The more, the merrier!

Check it out on Amazon and order one or more for your cats!


Curious Cat Cube

When it comes to their environment, the two things cats love the most are towers and caves. Which is why the Curious Cube is going to be an instant hit in every household that has one cat, or more. It’s just the right height for a healthy cat to jump on to, and once up there, Kitty will find the ideal space where she or he can lie down and inspect their kingdom. I wouldn’t be surprised if a nap will be next on the agenda, assuming all is well in the kingdom, of cube

Then there’s the cave.

This cube offers an ideal space for a cat cave. Large enough to turn around inside but small enough to induce a sense of safety and shelter, or in other words, of  “caveness”. It has small windows, in addition to the main entry and exit opening. These windows are perfect for providing Kitty with the ability to see any threats as they may be approaching. And by threats I mean that other cat or dog.  Alternatively, they’re perfect for reaching out with a paw, trying to swat at the attached balls.

It’s a great unit for both fun and exercise and perfect for helping relieve the confinement stress of cats kept indoors-only (as they should be!) I also like the overall design and the neutral colors. This unit can easily fit in any living room without wreaking havoc on your interior design themes. It’s also collapsible, making it easy to set up but also to store away if you want to.

Check it out on Amazon and order your own unit.

Ultra Soft Pet Bed By Trendy Pet

If you’re looking for a cat bed that would be a good fit for your living room decor theme, this fashionable and practical pet bed by Trendy pet is the purrfect solution! Ultra Soft Pet Bed

It comes in a varied choice of colors, all of them elegant! Just check out the various designs here and pick the one that matches your own couch. Your cat is bound to love his new pet bed, regardless of color. After all, whatever the color, the bed itself is thick and soft and offers your cat the opportunity to nap in a luxurious and comfortable bed.

Add the fact that this pet bed is super easy to clean, and you’ve got yourself a winner! When it’s time for a cleanup, just toss it for  round in the washer, tumble dry and voila!

Check it out on Amazon

Handmade craftsman-grade cat tree

Where it comes to cat furniture, think big and stable. Both of these requirements are met to the full with this awesome cat tree. And then some.

Molly and Friends Cat TreeWith no fewer than five perches, this 85-inches-tall cat tree by Molly & Friends lives up to the common name of “Kitty Condo”! Several cats can share living areas in comfort here. There’s a lot of vertical space which is wonderful for reducing stress and lots of room for much-needed exercise. Amazon reviewers love this cat tree and for good reason. Solid made-in-the-USA  construction standards ensure that you get a quality sturdy piece of furniture that will last for many years!

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