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Cat Window Shelf – The Natural Way to Get Kitty Warm During Winter Time

True to their North-African heritage, our cats love warmth and sunshine. Every cat owner is familiar with Kitty’s search for the perfect sun spot on the couch or rug. Why not support their effort and provide them with a wonderful lush and comfortable cat shelf right by your window?

cat shelf by the window

The Oster Professional Cat Window Seat is perfect. You don’t need to have an existing window seal. Just use the industrial-strength suction cups to secure the shelf to your window. Kitty gets an instant sun spot, with great views and hopefully a couple of birds to keep her entertained. You get to keep your precious wall space and window sills. Win-win!
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Scratch ‘n Massage Bed

Cats scratch objects. It’s simply part of being a cat, and serves many needs and interests. Cats scratch not only to sharpen their claws, but also to mark their territory and even to relieve stress.

Your cat may get the urge to scratch at any time, but often it is right before or after taking one of those long deep cat naps. Very likely, the scratching behavior displayed on these occasions is simply part of a real good stretch. That’s why it makes sense to position scratching posts near your cat’s favorite napping spots.

Which begs the idea of combining a cat bed and scratching post –

Ingenious really. Layers of thick sturdy cardboard, treated with irresistible catnip oil, ensure a long-lasting cat bed and scratching post in one. Reviewers rave about this unit, and at this price, it’s a great addition to any household with cats.

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Unique Modern Cat Bed

I always appreciate cat beds that are designed with scratching in mind. Most cats like to stretch when they wake up from a long slumber and there’s nothing like a good nail sharpening scratch when you stretch now, is there?

This beautiful cat bed, with its sleek modern curved design is absolutely perfect in that respect, as this kitty clearly demonstrates.

Check the details on this one – a classic, in structure, color, you name it. Absolutely gorgeous. It will look great in your house and your cat will absolutely love it too.

You can get this item at Amazon and have it delivered right to your doorstep. Your cat will thank you! Ok, cat don’t really thank us, but your cat will be happy and that’s what counts!

super scratcher

Super Sleeper Cat Scratcher

Why would a cat scratch pad be named “Sleeper”? Well, think about it this way:  scratching posts replace trees, barks and branches. A horizontal pad would be the equivalent of a horizontal branch, one that you could lay on for a nice nap after giving those paws the stretch & scratch treatment.

The Super Sleeper scratcher implements a simple, yet effective, concept. A sturdy wooden frame surrounds a corrugated cardboard  flat scratching pad, large enough for a cat to fully stretch and even rest on.  Once the internal corrugated honeycomb pad is worn out, you can just pull it out and replace it with a new one. Simple, but it works.

In my experience, some cats have a preference for their scratch post angle. There those that will scratch vertical surfaces, those that will go horizontal only, and those that will be happy to leave their paw mark on either. Unless your cat is vertically exclusive, the Super Sleeper cat scratcher would be a great, and affordable, addition to your household.  Click to read more about how to choose the right scratching post and get your cat to use it.

It also comes with a free 2 oz. bag of quality organic catnip. Sprinkle a bit of catnip on the pad every now and again, for continued allure.

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Purrfect Cat Cabinet

Cat cabinets usually focus on hiding. They mostly aim at hiding the litter box, sometimes the food and water bowls too, and even the cat’s designated sleeping area. I really find it difficult to recommend this kind of concept. For one thing, putting the litter box too close to the feeding station is never a good idea. For another, most cats need to be able to observe their surrounding while napping, so shutting them off inside a cabinet isn’t such a good idea.

That’s why this “cat bookcase” caught my eye right away. Just look at it – a much more open concept here. Even the litter box compartment looks open and inviting – with a handy closed storage compartment right next to it for your litter and litterbox accessories.

Bookcase Climber, Bed & Litter Cabinet

Best of all, I love the space above the bottom compartments. Three cozy cat spots, each with its own mattress (included as you order this unit), where each cat can find his or her own sweet spot.  With round sleek side entrance, cats can easily get inside, and gain not just a soft perch, but a good view of their surroundings and an easy way out. This arrangement is perfect for the more nervous feline, especially in a multi-cat household.

Another huge plus is the modular multi-height shape. It serves two functions: first, your cat get some exercise from climbing the various levels; second, difference in heights allows for several cats to express their social hierarchy in a multi-cat household.

And last, but maybe not so very least… it looks great! A classic traditional design in a beautiful walnut finish. This unit will look great in your living room or anywhere in your home. In my experience, our cat shelves are always a conversation items and I promise you this cabinet will have a similar effect: your guests just won’t get over the “empty” cabinet shelves and will be thrilled to see how you have beautiful felines instead of books there!

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Heated Cat Bed – the Therapeutic Infrared Version

Maybe it’s their genetic heritage? that North African wild cat in every domestic feline making them seek out warmth and even heat, be it a sun spot near the window or the top of your TV set.

Some cats actually require heat for therapeutic purposes. Pain inflicting conditions such as arthritis, bursitis, and strained muscles all benefit from a heated bed rest.

Whether you need heat therapy for your feline, or just want to pamper your furbaby with something extra, the Thermotex infrared square bed is an excellent choice!

This electric bed uses the same mechanism as the beds used to warm newborn babies in hospitals – a gentle mattress that radiates harmless infrared energy to gently yet thoroughly warm your cat.

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These beds are expensive yet popular enough to make Amazon run out of them every once in a while. At the time of posting this, I can see one last bed left in stock – so if you want to guarantee a warm winter for your pet, hurry up! In case you’re out of luck, here’s the link to the Thermotex Infrared Therapeutic Pet Beds