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Let the Cats Hop and The Neighbors’ Jaws Drop

As soon as I laid eyes on this, the Cosmic Cat condo, I knew it had to be featured here on CatsGoShopping! Just look at this awesome image:


Ok, so you don’t have to have that many kitties in your household (12 in this image – I counted!) to enjoy this absolute masterpiece of cat furniture.  Here are three good reasons to get this model right into your living quarters:

  1. It’s solid and stable – cats LOVE a solid place to climb on – as good as a real tree. It would be the perfect place for your cats to take a nap, exercise or claw at.
  2. It offers a multitude of niches and spots in three different levels, so that each one of your cats will find his or her place. With so many places to explore, you are encouraging your cats to stay active too.
  3. It has the most amazing design, with sleek round lines and a touch of modern design that is not often seen in cat trees and condos. It’s also available in a multitude of carpeting colors. Choose from classic beige or gray, or go crazy and light up your living room with bright red, turquoise, or purple!

And no… it’s not cheap, but consider this one an investment in your multi-cat household. The Cosmic Cat Condo will more than pay off in the long run. This condo it will become the central piece of furniture in your home decor, and the main item of conversation on your street!

Click Here to order your own customized Cosmic Tree Condo

So, what do you think? How would this item look in your living room? Which color would you choose? Take a look at the color list and post a comment here – I’m curious!

Thermo-Kitty Bed

It’s so beautiful and inviting it will probably make YOU want to curl up inside it. Alas, it’s only 16 inches in diameter, so the Thermo-Kitty bed is  probably best left to your cat 😉

It’s the purrfect cat bed for cold winter days (and nights), as it comes with it’s own thermostat and heating system. The heating system is deep under the soft comforting foam base, warming the surface into a cozy 102 or so degrees, just the way cats like it. Expect it to operate much like a cat magnet during cold winters.

Pretty and plush, the covers can easily be removed and machine-washed. With a year long warranty, it’s hard to go wrong with this one. A great gift for your aging cat, or any spoiled feline. Now, if only they made large ones for us humans too…

Click to get the therm0-kitty bed on Amazon.

Huggers – Two’s a Company Pet Bed


You know how your cat loves curling up, snuggling nicely for a good solid nap? This unique pet bed will call out to your cat like a magnet, with its two comfortable hugging sleeping centers. With winter on the horizon, this soft plush bed is just what you need to get for your cat!

Yes, it was designed with puppies and small dogs in mind, but it’s absolutely perfect for cats too! The manufacturer recommends this bed for pets weighing up to 13 lbs each, and let’s face it, this covers most felines (but only a few lucky canines…)

What I love about this product is the emphasis on quality. Nothing but the finest materials and top quality manufacturing processes. It’s made in the US, doubled stitched from the best faux-fur fabrics on the outside and filled with high-quality polyester fiber. It’s the kind of product you know your cats will adore and you will enjoy for years to come. For extra pampering, you can order an attached cat toy and even a matching blanket – what else can you ask for?

Get ready for those winter chills in time – get the Huggers pet bed today!

Zen Cat Hideaway

Many cats like their sleeping spots to be private and secluded, so this pet hideaway can hugely appeal to your feline. What’s better than a snug little place all her own? The Zen Cat Hideaway is all of that and more!

This enclosed sleeping area is unique in retaining owners in mind too, or rather their homes. It looks nothing like a pet bed and its stylish sleek oval design makes it into a purrfect home decor element. It comes in four beautiful shades of mint green (as seen in this picture), red, black or pure white to fit your decorating color scheme. Both colors and shape lend themselves best to a modern decorating style, but can work out well in any eclectic room too. How nice that you can combine a hideaway for your cat with such a sophisticaed decor element! Click on the product page here and you can see how other customers have used it in their room decor.

It can be used outdoors too, but the makers suggest keeping it under a roof to avoid water leaking in. Another optional use is for hiding the litterbox – just make sure you remember to clean it when out of sight!

The internal space retains a secure snug feeling for your cat, while offering plenty of ventilation. Your cat can peep through the walls while feeling well-protected in its little “cave”. There is some light coming in from the glass top above, but the glass is clouded to keep your cat feeling private.

Click and order one today – all you have to decide on is the color!

The Stylish Paw-rific Kitty Gym


Who says scratching posts need to be boring? If you value your home decor and want to have a great scratching post for your cat AND a beautiful room, you should definitely consider the Paw-rific Kitty Gym.

Just as the name implies, this is more than just a scratching post. It’s a unique piece of cat furniture, where your cat can climb, play and enjoy a nap too. It’s solid, sturdy and made of top-quality materials. You can be sure your cat will be using this one as a scratching post too, with three wide posts covered in sisal rope – it’s inevitable!

Those three posts do more than support the top and offer scratching space. They are part of a unique design, connecting the paw-shaped base with the paw-shaped top shelf. The circular motif is repeated in the posts themselves, as well as in the paws and creates a sleek stylish design. The fact that the circles add up to dual-colored paws is sure to make your guests smile too – and IMO there’s nothing quite like a whimsical home decor statement and a useful piece of cat furniture – rolled into one.

Click here to order this Paw-rific gym and scratching post

Magnificent Cat Tree


Cat trees can be so much more than a piece of furniture. They can be a work of art, as this beautiful Oak by CatsPlay is. In fact, if you order one of these, it is custom made just for your cats – so each tree is unique and made to last for generations.

Ideal for multi-cat household, this oak is as solid and massive as cat furniture should be. It has no fewer than twelve “branches”, offering kitties a fun way to get up and about on this tree, as well as perch for a cat nap. The top is where any Alpha cat will claim its spot though – with a soft plushy large “nest”, lined with thermal lining, made especially for uninterrupted quality “meow me time”.

And then there is the trunk! Hollow with nine holes for curious kitties to explore and wander through. Talk about purrfection! I really don’t think you can beat this cat tree for quality of design and build. This is made by cat people, for cats! You can read more about this cat tree, the materials used in its construction, and all of its special features here. It’s also where you can order this masterpiece. It is not cheap, but IMO it’s a great long-term investment in the well-being of your indoor-only kitty!

Click to visit product page and order