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Smart Pet Love Snuggle Kitty Behavioral Aid Toy for Pets

Kitten Season Special: The Snuggle Kitty

If you are involved in rescue you know the list of items needed for caring for orphaned kittens. Other than the KMR, eye dropper or kitten bottle and kitchen scales, you may already have this brilliant item: The Snuggle Kitty.

It looks like a plush toy for kids but in fact it’s a valuable aid in caring for orphan kittens. It’s not only soft but warm as well, with an internal heat pack that stays warm for up to 24 hours. What’s more, it has its own heart! Battery-operated, it generates a constant soothing gentle beat, simulating the mother cat’s comforting presence to a heartbeat. Literally!

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It even has a place where you can place a feeding bottle but please use caution with that feature. If you’re caring for newborns, you should pay close attention to the way they take in their food. If too much is coming out they could end up inhaling the milk replacement and that could lead to deadly pneumonia.



Smart Pet Love Snuggle Kitty Behavioral Aid Toy for Pets

If you plan on being involved with fostering kittens you should order the Snuggle Kitty and have it ready. If not, consider ordering a unit or two and donating it to a local rescue. Many rescues operated networks of fostering homes and they would be thrilled with this donation. If you’re fostering yourself for the first time, please get a mentor and again, such a rescue organization is a great place to look for one. Newborn kittens are fragile beings and caring for them can be extremely challenging (and alas, not always a successful operation).

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Four Paws Purple Love Glove Cat Grooming Mitt

Even shorthair cats need regular grooming. They may be able to take good care of their coat but there are other good reasons for you to groom your cat.

That does not mean having to use sharp-edged combs or pinned brushes. The Four Paws Purple Love Glove Cat Grooming Mitt is a far better solution that works even for cats with sensitive skin.


Cat Grooming Mitt

It can be used with all coat types and massages while gently untangling any mats and removing excessive hair. It can help reduce shedding or at least help the shedded fur from getting all over your home. What’s more, you can even use it to pick up cat hair from your furniture and rugs!

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Cat Grooming Arch

It looks a bit like a magnet with its U-shaped arch. That’s an interesting observation because this nifty device can indeed become a cat magnet in your home. Cats love rubbing against things. It’s a form of territorial marking, as they leave pheromones – scent residue that we’re unable to smell – on items they rub against. Judging by the look on our cat’s faces, it also just feels nice.

This cat grooming arch provides Kitty with this pleasant experience but also grooms her coat at the same time. This means less cat hair elsewhere in your home.

cat grooming arch

The arch comes with a bag of catnip you can use to make it even more attractive. I highly doubt it’s necessary though – I think your cat is going to appreciate it for what it is, with or without the catnip!

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Litter Shields – Up!

Some cats really dig their litter box. Literally. These cats splash their litter all over, digging into it as if searching for some long lost treasure, throwing the litter out to cover the floor around the box.

One possible solution would be a covered box, with a hood fully blocking the streams and jets of litter and dust. Unfortunately, not all cats like their boxes covered. In fact, most cats prefer open boxes to covered ones, and for reasons cat behaviorists find easy to outline –

1. Covered boxes keep odors inside the box. This might seem like an advantage, but it does tend to make cat owners less diligent when it comes to cleaning the box twice a day. The end result is a much smellier box for the cat to get into.

2. Cats like to inspect their environment while “doing their business”, and be on the lookout for any “predators”. The covered box may seem more private, but for some cats it can be too claustrophobic, depriving them the ability to look around and make a run for it if necessary. This may be more of an issue with sensitive/scaredy cats and/or in multi-cat households.

This is why I really like this litter box –

The open top and semi-transparent sides mean your cat does not feel threatened or trapped, while the raised shield around the box significantly reduces “collateral damage”.

I highly recommend this one for multi-cat households, as an additional litterbox. At under $10 and free shipping, you can’t really go wrong here. Here are a couple of useful guides too –

Litter Box Location Secrets

Litter Box Maintenance

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How to Memorialize a Cat – Saying Goodbye in a Meaningful Way

Guest Post by Pets to Rest

Many people are not sure of how to memorialize their beloved cat. If you have lost a cat that you loved and cherished, you want to say goodbye in a loving, meaningful way. For some people, pets are simply animals; for others, they become a member of the family that is loved and treated with Cat Cremation Urnsspecial care. Sometimes we talk to them as if they understand our problems or thoughts, other times they are simply there to keep us company while we sleep or watch a movie. This article describes how to memorialize a cat in your own special way; there are many ways this can be done, and you will feel that you have paid tribute to your cat with the ultimate in love and respect, helping you to begin the healing process.

Always remember, when it comes to how to memorialize a cat there are no “rules”. Simply do what feels right and comfortable for you, and helps you best cope with your grief.

One fitting way to pay tribute to your friend is to have him/her cremated, then place the ashes in a cat urn for burial in a special place in your yard; you might also want to use a decorative urn that you can display in your home. Most pets have a special place in the yard where they loved to soak up the sun, or even a garden they enjoyed playing in. You may want to place a marker with your pets name or a special saying near the area where the ashes are buried.

If you’re artistic or know someone who is, have a charcoal drawing or even an oil painting created. Most people who are talented in this area can create a beautiful rendition simply from photo’s you have taken of your cat.

Create a picture album especially for the memory of your cat. You may have lots of photo’s around the house, in drawers, or even in the family album. Use these in a special album dedicated to the memory of your pet, and include notes under each picture describing the day and what you remember most about it.

Donate to an animal shelter in your cat’s name.

Memorialize your cat with pet cremation jewelry. This jewelry is designed in a variety of styles, from simple wood creations or crystals to sterling silver cylinders with little “paw print” decorations. Some look like regular jewelry you would wear, made in heart-shaped or cross designs. This jewelry can beCat Urns worn so that you always feel close to your cat, or you can display it along side a few of your pets favorite toys.

These are just a few ideas on choosing a cat memorial. Just remember, do whatever you feel offers you the most comfort and pays tribute to your cat in a respectful, loving manner.

cat enclosures for outdoors

Do you keep their kitties indoors-only, yet feel you would like to give them a taste of what’s out there – safely?
If you live in a city apartment, your options are usually limited to training your cat to walk with a harness and leash.

However, if you live in your own house, with a nice backyard, you may have considered a cat enclosure. A solidly built large enclosure can be just the thing – you can read more about how to build a cat enclosure here. Still, for many of us, actually building our own cat enclosure may just prove to be too much of a daunting task. This is where easy-to-assemble modular cat enclosures enter the picture.

This is a modular system where you use easy snap-n-lock frames, along with anti-rip meshed walls to quickly and effectively create a kitty enclosure right in your patio. ┬áIf you click here, you’ll see a variety of pieces and add-on to the system too. You can add a gazebo or a club house, extra tunnels and sunbathing areas, you name it – build your dream cat enclosure!

Remember though – you should never ever leave your cat unattended inside the enclosure. It does not provide shelter from the elements, or from persistent dogs or other predators. Always supervise cats when in the enclosure!

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