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Premier Glo Kitty Collar

Disclaimer: we do not think you should let your cat wander outside at night time. The product page on Amazon can actually be quite upsetting for cat lovers, when stating that this collar “collar reflects lights from cars”. No collar will make any cat safe from a car – ever.

With that out of the way, these breakaway collars are not without merit. It’s always smart to have a collar on your cat, just in case it ever gets out. A well tagged collar can be the sign for a concerned neighbor that this is a pet cat straying out of the home – and the thing that will get your cat safely back home. Read this cat collar safety guide for more information about choosing the right collar for your cat, and don’t forget this article about properly ID’ing your cat.

And yes, if you ignore the maker’s remarks about warning oncoming cars, this Glo Kitty collar is actually not a bad choice at all.

Magnificent Cat Tree


Cat trees can be so much more than a piece of furniture. They can be a work of art, as this beautiful Oak by CatsPlay is. In fact, if you order one of these, it is custom made just for your cats – so each tree is unique and made to last for generations.

Ideal for multi-cat household, this oak is as solid and massive as cat furniture should be. It has no fewer than twelve “branches”, offering kitties a fun way to get up and about on this tree, as well as perch for a cat nap. The top is where any Alpha cat will claim its spot though – with a soft plushy large “nest”, lined with thermal lining, made especially for uninterrupted quality “meow me time”.

And then there is the trunk! Hollow with nine holes for curious kitties to explore and wander through. Talk about purrfection! I really don’t think you can beat this cat tree for quality of design and build. This is made by cat people, for cats! You can read more about this cat tree, the materials used in its construction, and all of its special features here. It’s also where you can order this masterpiece. It is not cheap, but IMO it’s a great long-term investment in the well-being of your indoor-only kitty!

Click to visit product page and order

Feliway Electric Diffuser – Three Pack Deal

Feliway is one of those wonder-products that have taken the cat market in a storm a couple of decades ago and are still going strong. No wonder, considering how effective this solution is.

In a nutshell, for those who aren’t familiar with Feliway, this is a synthetic replacement for the pheromones which are naturally secreted by feline scent glands. While humans can’t smell this, to cats it conveys a sense of familiariy and security.¬†This makes Feliway an effective aid when dealing with issues of territorial spraying, multi-cat household stress and other stress-related issues.

In fact, many cat owners report great results with general stress-reduction in multi-cat households. Simply having an electric diffuser in central rooms in your home can make a very noticable difference. That’s where this three diffusers deal becomes so very attractive!

It’s important to note Feliway is almost never a solution in its own right. If you’re faced with a problem of urine marking, inappropriate elimination, feline aggression or any other behavioral issue, you need to carefully track down the cause of the problem. Ruling out health issues is the first step – so consult your vet. Next, figure out behavioral problems and change whatever it is that needs to be changed in your cat’s environement. Other behavioral techniques may be applied as necessary as well. Once you have everything else down, Feliway, in most cases, can be a wonderful and highly effective addition to your solution.

If you’re looking to solve actual cat behavior problems, please do take a look at the cat behavior section on You’re more than likely to find a detailed guide relating to your topic. Still unsure? or looking for support? Our cat behavior forums offer a friendly and knowledgable environement, so do join and share your problem with other cat lovers.

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Peek & Play Toy Box

Good cat toys and games imitate the thing which interests a feline most: hunting. Yup, even though your sweet kitty probably never laid eyes on live prey, let alone knows how to hunt, those instincts are still there, and proper cat play is the way to bring them to the surface safely and benefit from their implementation.

The Peek & Play Toy Box is a great way to do just that. It imitates what would be the natural way for a cat to hunt – seeking prey that’s hiding in small holes and tunnels. For the modern indoors-only cat, it provides a chance to exercise those sharp feline senses, and quickness of response. Entertainment is also the best cure for feline boredom – which is always a problem with indoors-only cats.

This toy is great because it lets you incorporate other toys, thus adjusting the use to your own cat’s preferences. Fur toy mice, squeaky balls or rattling ones, feathered toys or anything else that your cat craves, can be used with the Peek & Play box. In fact, it lets you make the most of existing toys, putting more value into them for you and your cat.

Highly recommended for the inquisitive feline – click here to find out more about this product and how you can mail order it from Amazon.

The Scratcher Lounge Cat Bed

One of the common complaints we get from cat owners at the cat behavior forum is: “my cat scratches the furniture”. Well, here’s a solution, or part of it – give your cat its own furniture to scratch. And what’s better than an actual elegant lounge bed?

This Scratcher-Bed is a great solution with several distinct advantages. Firstly, the various angles and the solid structure, combined with the rough corrugated cardboard surface, are bound to make this a scratching magnet for almost any cat. And when a cat has a good scratching post – that’s the first step towards preventing damage to your other furniture. For more advice on how to protect your furniture from cat scratching – read here.

The round flowing shape is appealing not only to cats. This is a piece of furniture that can be a great addition to any living room decor. As elegant as any other element in your room, it actually adds to your room’s appeal and can become an integral part of your room decor plan. The flowing lines make this one great for Feng Shui decorating too. Of course, the round contours are also what makes this such a comfortable napping spot for a sleepy feline.

What’s more, this piece of cat furniture is earth-friendly too. Green, not in color but in ecollogical terms, it’s made of partly recycled content put together with non-toxic adhesives. Good for both your cat and the environment.

Sounds interesting? Click here to check it out on Amazon – you’ll find the full specs and the unique system used to maintain the scratching surface. It’s a great place to mail order this made-in-the-USA bed too.

Stain and Odor Remover

While cats are famous for being clean creatures, they can certainly cause some stains and malodorous smells  around your home. Anything from the occasional food smear, hairballs, and general grease and perspiration stains to the more extreme feces and urine stains and odors can be a problem.

Luckily, stains and odors should not be part of your household just because you have cats.

And when it comes to keeping your home clean and freshly scented, Nature’s Miracle is literally a household name. Their unique products remove stains and neutralize odors while being safe for use around pets and children alike.

This product takes their extraordinary formula to new heights of effectiveness with the power sprayer. A battery operated nozzle that helps the formula penetrate even the toughest stains. It requires four AA batteries (batteries included when you order this from Amazon) and promises to permanently eliminate any and all stains and odors created by your pets.

Hurry up and order now from Amazon – they give you a truly great price for a great product.