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Drontal for Cats

One of the advantages of keeping cats indoor-only is in limiting their exposure to fleas, and hence to the worms which fleas often infect their hosts with. However, even cats that are kept indoors can get infected, either during supervised outdoors time, or simply by the odd flea being carried indoors by a human.

Fortunately, treating worms is relatively easy now with effective drugs available over-the-counter. Drontal is probably the most popular anti-worm drug and you can even order it here on Amazon.

It’s a broad spectrum dewormer that is good for cats and kittens over one month old (as long as they weigh more than 1.5 lbs). Experienced cat owners can easily tell when their cat has a worm problem – with the worms or worm segments apparent in the feces and around the anus. If you’re not sure, do consult your vet and get professional guidance.

These tablets should be effective against tapeworms, roundworms and hookworms. Visit the product page on Amazon here.

Kitten Formula – Time to Stock Up on KMR

March is soon upon us, and in some areas that means the beginning of the dreaded kitten season. “Dread” may not be the word you expect to hear in connection with sweet kittens, but for rescuers who have to deal with the results of irresponsible cat owners these times can become very taxing. So, better late than never, folks, please spay and neuter your cats.

Taking care of an orphan kitten is always a challenge. The younger the kitten, the harder it gets, and the lower are the chances for its survival. If you happen to find an orphaned kitten, you should locate a nearby experienced rescuer and either hand the kitten over, or follow her or his guidance. A good online guide can be found here:

One thing you simply have to provide a small kitten with is proper nutrition. At an early age, the only thing that will do is a complete and balanced milk replacer for kittens. Never provide a kitten with cow milk.

Rescuers and those providing foster homes for young kittens, had better stock up on this 5lbs bucket of KMR powder. KMR is a leading manufacturer of kitten formula, and they have been around for years. It gives you good value for money, since you’re buying a fairly large quantity.

If you’re just worried about coming across one or two kittens and needing a quick fix before you can get a more stable supply, the Ready-to-feed KMR bottle is just what you need. This 2 oz bottle is all ready to use, just place the nipple on the bottle and feed. This little bottle could be the difference between life and death to some kitty, so I highly recommend having one or two stored away in your home.

The next product is intended for older kittens, so no emergency here! It’s basically a fully balanced, complete formula for the next stage of feeding – weaning off the bottle and moving to solid foods. You don’t need a bottle for this – you serve it up in a bowl, allowing the kittens to learn how to feed on their own. Read the KMR guidelines for when to use 2nd Step (available here on the product page), and help your kittens move on to proper kitten food easily.

Cat Fashion News Bulletin

pampered whiskersIf your cat’s wardrobe is in need of a makeover, make sure you check out the latest at Pampered Whiskers! This lovely online shop offers a unique all-original collection of pet collars, hats and fashion accessories at affordable prices. Designed for either cats or small dogs, all hats come with an adjustable strap that lets your pet wear them with style and comfort too.

When you shop at Pampered Whiskers you are also donating money to a pet charity! One dollar of the price of each item goest towards helping one of these pet charities. And if you opt for one of their whimsical 2009 cat fashion calendars, that one dollar turns into three. In fact, this calendar is a great fundraiser idea too!

Hurry up and check out their party collar special. You can now order two frilly fasionable collars at the amazing price of just $10.00 for the pair! And yes, one dollar still goes towards pet charity as well.

Click here to visit Pampered Whiskers now!

You can also see them featured prominently on the Cat Fashion category.

Pet-Temp Ear Thermometer

When something is wrong with a living body, a change in temperature is often one of the symptoms. Having an accurate read on any such change is a crucial way for us to monitor the health of those who cannot complain about other symptoms – be them babies or pets.

Ear thermometers have long become a household item, with this pet version being an essential item in any pet lover’s medical kit. While you can take a rectal reading with a traditional thermometer, it is certainly more stressful to the animal (last thing needed when they are already not feeling well), and if you’re not competent enough you could actually injure that delicate area. Many pet owners would rather take a cat to the vet than try a rectal reading at home, and for a good reason.

If you’re one of those, then this pet ear thermometer is what you need. It’s easy to use, fast and reliable.

If you are involved in animal rescue, then you may find a good thermometer invaluable (in fact you may already own one). It can also be useful for professional breeders, looking out to determine ovulation cycles in their queens.

Just keep one thing in mind, please. If you get a reading that is out of range, or have any indication that your cat is not well – always contact your vet. Never medicate a cat without a vet’s approval – some medications, even common pain relievers, can be extremely toxic to cats.

To read more about this Pet-Temp Ear Thermometer and order – visit the Amazon page for this product.

HomeoPet Travel Anxiety

Traveling can be a stressful experience for many cats. In fact, I suspect our own anxiety over the procedure may be rubbing off on the felines, but in this post, I’d like to introduce a natural homeopathic remedy for the cats:

“Travel Anxiety” as the name suggests is intended for treating the stress and fearful reactions of traveling. It’s for dogs and cats, and is said to help with motion sickness as well.

Now, you may not be a fan of homeopathy, but many cat owners report success with using these treatments. Again, it is more than possible that the owner’s own relief at providing some sort of help for a distressed animal is at play here. Does it really matter though? If it helps sooth the nerves of your cat without the side-effects of sedatives, why not give it a try?

Priced at under $10, you may want to keep this one in your medicine cabinet and have it ready for that next trip to the vet’s.

Click here for the product page on Amazon

Scratch ‘n Play Ramp for Cats with Catnip

You can never have enough scratching posts, especially with a new cat under your roof. You see, different cats have different tastes when it comes to scratching posts. Textures, angles and size all come into account. Location too. In fact, you may have to experiment for a while, try different posts for size. Here’s where this ramp fits right in:

The corrugated cardboard surface appeals to many cats, young and old. A combination of organic catnip and a dangling toy is always a good for attracting a curious feline. All in all, with this Scratch ‘n Play ramp, you will be offering your cat another great spot where it’s ok for her or him to sharpen their claws.

The lovely design makes this post great for every area of your home and the scratching block is actually reversible, so when one side wears down, you can just flip it over.

Click here for tips on how to choose the best scratching posts and how to train your cat to use them or check the Scratching Posts section on for more sellers and makers of posts.

Click for more details and price on the product features here: Fat Cat Big Mama’s Scratch ‘n Play Ramp for Cats with Catnip