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Kitty’s Edible Garden

If it’s cold outside where you live, and you’re missing the color green, then this next item might be good for both your cat and you!

Indoors cats call for some indoors gardening efforts. Most cats love nibbling away on some fresh greenery, so a nice turf of fresh green grass is bound to be welcome. This kit lets you grow your own, made of 100% organic oats, wheat, rye and barley.

The planter is a classic wooden square box, solid enough to stay put and let your cat feed in peace without having it move or topple over. This set has it all, planter and seeds: just add water and wait for a few days. Manufacturer says it takes under a week for the green stuff to grow, so you can have your cat enjoy a nice winter snack soon enougn.

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Purr-fectly Spoiled Cat Gift Basket

Have you ever been invited to a feline birthday party? Many of us celebrate birthdays and special occasions for and with our furbabies, and often invite like-minded guests. If you’re a cat-auntie looking for a great gift, you may want to consider a gift basket. It’s not very expensive and it is so special, adding to the festivities with its fancy gift basket setup.

It’s not just pretty either. This gift basket is full to the brim with cat goodies! It has so much cool and tasty stuff in it, it can be a good gift for an entire clan of cats sharing a home together, or a gift to a single cat that will last for weeks. The large container with the paw pattern printed on it comes packed with eight different kinds of top quality cat treats, as well as several cat toys – something for every cat’s taste.

Add your personalized message to this gift basket and have Amazon send it to your favorite cat. A great gift for a birthday, homecoming, new adoption, or for any other occasion in a cat’s nine lives!

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Gourmet Salmon Cat Treat

When you really want to pamper that special feline in your life, why not offer a healthy gourmet treat? You may have to experiment to find out exactly which flavor your cat prefers, but salmon is a popular choice with many cats. This Salmon fillet treat by Cats Go Crazee is a great way to introduce the flavor of wild Alaskan salmon into your cat’s diet:

This natural cat treat contains 100% fully cooked wild Alaskan salmon fillet. Rich in nutrients, including natural Omega fish oil, it comes sealed and ready to use. Order a pouch from Amazon and let your cat go crazee over healthy salmon!

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Liver Biscotti

The first thing that grabbed my attention with these treats are these packages:

Something about the brown paper bag wrapping, and the overall pleasing understated design that tells me these treats don’t rely on the package for you to pick them off the shelf. They want to be easily recognizable but they won’t jump at you with a bright shiny metallic colorful package, trusting the content to draw you to them like a magnet.

And they would do. We’re talking about a summit meeting of taste and good health. These are natural wholesome treats with no added preservatives. Bite sized and apparently very delicious, these are essentially dog treats that are good for small dogs, puppies and… cats!

With dogs, they use these for training purposes. With cats, we can just let our furry companions have a good time with the occasional treat of a fine liver biscotti.

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Cat Sitter 8 Day Feeder

automatic cat feeder

This automated feeder can be programmed to deliver cat food on time for eight days! Now, I am not suggesting you should ever ever leave any cat unattended for such a long period of time. Cats need a whole lot more than just food, love and attention being high on the list (and they have yet to come up with an automatic petting dispenser).

However, it’s not a bad solution for when you are actually in the house, if you need to limit your cat’s food consumption. It’s a good way to deliver pre-measured quantities of food at regular times, without having to set up your alarm for the task.

While free feeding works for many cats and cat owners, overweight cats may need to be put on a more strict feeding schedule, and this is where an automatic cat feeder can be of great help.

It’s not a cheap option, but helpful, especially if you’re leading a hectic life yourself and can’t be around during feeding times. Click here to learn more about this product.

Petmate Fresh Flow Pet Fountain

petmate fountainMany cats adore flowing water. Whether it’s curiosity about the movement, or improved taste, some cats become literally addicted to running water and refuse to take their drink from a regular water dish. You see these kitties standing on kitchen counters, waiting for their human to come over and run the tap… Well, why keep them waiting?

A running water fountain is a great way to provide constantly running, fresh and oxygenated water for your cat, and this Petmate Fresh Flow fountain is a great choice for the task. It arrives with a build in filter (that needs replacing at regular intervals), as well as non-skid rubber feet to keep it securely in place. Its novel design reduces splashing and keeps both cats and owners happy with a small and clean, yet fun, feline drinking shrine.

Encouraging cats to drink is always a good thing and may help prevent FLUTD. Even if your cat agrees to drinking from a regular water bowl, you may want to try a water fountain and see if the novelty might get her to increase her water consumption.

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