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Catch Of The Day: Yeowww! Catnip Fish Cat Toys in A Net

I love catnip toys for many reasons. One of them being the versatility of design. Fabric is a great medium that offers designers a variety of colors and textures with which they can create all sorts of shapes for catnip-filled toys. I’ve seen catnip toys shaped like bananas, cigars, stars, snakes, hedgehogs and so many other shapes. I’ve even seen some that cannot be mentioned in a family-friendly blog ūüėČ Obviously, the designs are meant for cat owners to enjoy too. The cats can appreciate the toy’s size and overall structure but we’re the one who can enjoy the sight of Kitty prowling around with a make-believe mouse in her mouth, or any other shape, mentionable or not.

toysbagYeowww! is a well-known and well-loved brand of catnip toys and I was happy to see this latest design because I think it brings together the two elements: A simple design for each toy, fish-shaped for a cat to easily grasp in its mouth, as well as a nifty concept for owners to enjoy: A bunch of fish in a single fishing net.

Each fish is a well-designed catnip toy. In the tradition of Yeowww! each fish is made of quality cotton fabric and  contains 100% organic catnip with no fillers. These fish keep their catnip allure for months, providing your cat with hours of playtime.

The fact that you have six fish in the net is great for toy rotation. Store them together in their netting and give your cat different fish every day, to keep him or her interested in them for a long while. Stash the entire net in your cat toys box and the aroma of quality organic catnip will give a nice boost to other toys as well.

Word of caution –

Some cats may find the net itself as fascinating as the fish, especially considering the strong catnip scent. Don’t let Kitty play with the net unsupervised and if your cat is a chewer, it’s best to keep the net out of reach altogether.

You can now get this awesome bundle of fish delivered by Amazon right to your doorstep, so no need to teach Kitty how to fish, just get them for her yourself!

Check Out This “Play Station” for your cat!

Do you keep your cat strictly indoor? That’s what many cat owners choose to do in order to keep their cats safe. After all, the great outdoors can be very dangerous¬†for our sweet little kitties. Keeping them inside is definitely safer for them.

However,¬†being inside can be boring. Outside, a cat would have access to more stimulation, in particular that offered by its natural prey such as bugs, small rodents and birds. If we choose to keep Kitty indoor, we need to make sure she gets the same level of stimuli. And no, that does not mean you need to bring in birds, mice or – heavens forbid – bugs. Fortunately, cats do just as well with “artificial prey”, aka cat toys.

Today we have a great option for environmental enrichment! Check out this awesome “play-station” for kitties!


Click to see it and order on Amazon

Let me start with the least important feature for your cat: It’s a really pretty item. I love the design and the colors so much I think it would look great as part of your home decor. It¬†measures¬†18″ by 13″ by 5″ and you can definitely put it in your living room. It’s bound to be a conversation starter with your guests and show off your commitment to cat care!

Moving on to the more important stuff (for your cat, at least), this structure¬†offers a wonderful opportunity for Kitty to practice her hunting skills. It’s a small “mouse cave” as far as they’re concerned and inside they can find the coveted prey, in this case a rolling ball. The entire structure moves as they jump on it or pounce at it, making the balls inside roll and move around. How exciting to have your prey move!

Some cats would jump on top of this device while others may prefer to stay by its side where the world is more stable ūüėČ Either way, it’s a terrific way to entice them to play hunt, and they can do that while you’re away too. If you happen to foster or raise kittens – this would make a perfect setting for playing “King Of The Hill” (make sure you capture that on video and put it on youtube – it’s going to be really funny to watch!)

Best of all, you can easily and quickly order this unique item on Amazon.

Plush Mouse Cat Toy

Best Plush Toy Mice For Cats

A cat can never have too many toy mice.

It’s really as simple as that. Which is why getting a bunch¬†of them is a very smart thing to do, especially if you have more than one cat. Here’s a great deal on Amazon that can get you 36 of¬†quality plush toy mice at a great price.

Plush Mouse Cat Toy

As you can see, each toy mouse here is a fully-designed toy in its own right. You would pay a few bucks for each of these at the toy store, wouldn’t you? They’re pretty, fluffy, plush and the right size for Kitty to grab in her mouth and run around the house with.

If you’ve owned a cat for a while, you know how that goes though. A single mouse is bound to disappear. Some cats simply shred their toy mice apart. Others will grab their toy and hide it out of sight. You may find their secret stash some day, or you may not, but either way, those toys are out of sight and out of mind and Kitty gets bored without a fresh one. Some cats don’t even bother to hide their pretend prey and just let it lay there, all dead for them. They need fresh stimuli just like they would need a fresh live prey to hun.

That’s why rotating their toys is crucial, and with a selection of thirty-six different mice, you can do that easily. Cats don’t really mind those pretty colors – those are for us, the humans, to enjoy – but they will still sense the freshness of the toy and the fact that it hasn’t been “killed to death” ūüėČ in their mouth before. Also, if your cat is a notorious cat toy destroyer, this is a good way to save some money and get a good stock to begin with.

Last, but not least, with 36 pieces, you’re all set up for gifts for your friends’ kitties! Just make sure you give them a new one, still with its cardboard attached and not one that your own Kitty has already carried in its mouth.

Click to see the specs and order a your pack of mice on Amazon



Cat activity mat

The Ripple Rug¬ģ – Cat Activity Play Mat

A rug is always attractive for cats. Nice to step onto and to claw at, it is one item of home decor you may not like having Kitty show too much interest in.

Unless it’s The Ripple Rug. These people came up with the ingenious idea to create a rug just for cats. They created a product which is the perfect outlet for the famous feline curiosity, encouraging cats of all ages to explore and play, all the while getting some well-needed physical and mental exercise.

Cat activity mat

The idea is simple – shape a set of caves and tunnels using a rug. It’s a wonderland for kitties! Just place toys and treats inside and watch your cat explore. The great thing about this activity mat is its size. It’s large enough for a cat to crawl through and really spend time engaging with the tunnels and holes. It’s large enough for Kitty to fall asleep inside of. Which would be just fine as this the thermally-insulated bottom will keep her snug and warm. This rug was created with all sorts of pets in mind, including pet rats and rabbits, so it’s eco-friendly and non-toxic and safe enough for a pet to chew on. Certainly safe enough for kitties. I like the neutral color, not only because it’s easy to match with any room decor but also because it reflects the fact that this is made of 100% recycled plastic bottles with no coloring added. Safe and eco-friendly too!

The manufacturer certainly has safety in mind. The rug was tested on cats and there are release points in place for easy separation of the top part from the bottom, just in case Kitty needs your help. Most cats won’t though, as the holes are large enough. Still, it’s always nice to have a way for the owner to get the cat right way should the need arise, and it’s nice to see a manufacturer that has safety as their main concern. No wonder The Ripple Rug gets such great reviews on Amazon!

Check out the reviews and order your Ripple Rug right here.

Cat Treat Maze

One of the most common reasons for behavior problems in cats is boredom. Most of us¬†keep our kitties indoors-only, providing our them¬†with food, shelter, medical care and of course, lots of love. Perfect, right? Well, not if you’re a cat, genetically programmed to spend time everyday hunting for your food.

Enter environmental enrichment. Your cat will benefit hugely from having to work for his food, at least a little. This is what this Cat Treat Maze by Catit offers.

Catit Design Senses Treat Maze

If your cat has no weight issues, just toss in a few treats and let Kitty figure out how to fish them out. If your cat is overweight and you’re trying to limit the amount of food consumed, it’s best to use some of the food allotted for him for the day. Kibble works perfectly for that end. If you’re feeding wet food only, consult your veterinarian about which treats to provide Kitty with, and how much of them you can give.

One thing is for sure, having to “hunt” for food or treats will keep your cat busy and happy!

Click for more information on Amazon



Amazing Laser Toy for Lazy Cat Owners

Most cats go nuts over a red laser-generated dot that moves around, on floors, furniture and walls. Us owners love operating the laser, driving Kitty literally off the wall. Sometimes though, you’re too tired or busy to actively operate the laser. A “dead” ¬†red dot that doesn’t move? No cat cares for that.

In comes this new innovative toy by FroliCat.

innovative laser toy for cats

You can use it the good ole way and actively move it for your cat. Or you can place it on a solid surface and let it run its own light show for Kitty.

Check out the reviews and order your own from Amazon.