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Cat Activity Center

Think activity centers are only for babies? Think again!
Well, it is a different kind of activity center, but it will enrich your cat’s environment and increase her skill sets at the same time. It offers five modules, each with a game designed to appeal to one of Kitty’s five senses. The object of the games? To get a yummy treat, of course!

Fun and learning for cats

Exercise for Kitty’s brain – the best way to keep her entertained and lower her stress levels!

Is this concept to revolutionary? Let us know in the comments to this post, or just click to read reviews from happy customers and buy your own on Amazon.

Collapsible Cat Tunnel by SmartyKat

Cats love getting into small spaces, be them the caves formed by pillows or the space behind your couch. Why not provide Kitty with a safe and fun tunnel to call her own? This cat tunnel by SmartyKat has the added perk of providing a nice crackly soundtrack to your cat’s motion, making things a tad more exciting.

Cat Tunnel

A perfect hideaway and playing grounds all in one, this cat tunnel is a great feature to enrich your indoor-only cat’s environment. For multi-cat households, why not get two of these and place them adjacently?  And don’t worry about the floor space. Once the cats are done playing, these collapsible tunnels are easy to fold and store.

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The Door Teaser for Cats

My cats are suckers for aerial moving objects. They love pom poms too, whether on the ground or in the air. The Omega Door Teaser is the perfect toy that combines both!

This colorful pom pom dangles from an elastic band that’s attached to the door frame. The unpredictable motion is triggered every time a cat pounces at the little ball… only to lead to more excited jumps and pouncing around. It’s a great way to get Kitty to exercise and hey, actually not so bad for your house decor now with the Holidays arriving 😉

As always, make sure the game is varied. Switch the teaser between doors, to create an element of surprise. When your cats get tired, you may want to dismantle the whole thing and store the toy away until next time.

Affordable and unique – it’s a great little gift for the Holidays for any cat or cat lover. Click here for the special price offered in Amazon for this item.

Peek & Play Toy Box

Good cat toys and games imitate the thing which interests a feline most: hunting. Yup, even though your sweet kitty probably never laid eyes on live prey, let alone knows how to hunt, those instincts are still there, and proper cat play is the way to bring them to the surface safely and benefit from their implementation.

The Peek & Play Toy Box is a great way to do just that. It imitates what would be the natural way for a cat to hunt – seeking prey that’s hiding in small holes and tunnels. For the modern indoors-only cat, it provides a chance to exercise those sharp feline senses, and quickness of response. Entertainment is also the best cure for feline boredom – which is always a problem with indoors-only cats.

This toy is great because it lets you incorporate other toys, thus adjusting the use to your own cat’s preferences. Fur toy mice, squeaky balls or rattling ones, feathered toys or anything else that your cat craves, can be used with the Peek & Play box. In fact, it lets you make the most of existing toys, putting more value into them for you and your cat.

Highly recommended for the inquisitive feline – click here to find out more about this product and how you can mail order it from Amazon.

Box of 60 Zanies Real Fur Rattling Rainbow Mice in Cheese Box

Many cats go crazy for fur fake mice – my own included. They are sought-after prey, to be batted around at leisure, then picked up and carried in one’s feline mouth to… who knows where. We end up buying them new toy mice, and later find the shredded or squashed remains of the other mice stashed away somewhere around the house.

It’s a good thing these toy mice aren’t that expensive and easily replaceable. However, if they are a favorite toy in your household, you may consider getting them in bulk to lower the costs even further.

This Box of 60 Fur Rattling Rainbow Mice can be a great option. With sixty mice, all catnip-treated for extra appeal, you can easily use a couple of mice a week and have the box last for many months.

By the way, if you’re wrapping up a gift for a friend who has cats, one or two of these can make a great addition – sort of like a stocking filler for cats…

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Purr-fectly Spoiled Cat Gift Basket

Have you ever been invited to a feline birthday party? Many of us celebrate birthdays and special occasions for and with our furbabies, and often invite like-minded guests. If you’re a cat-auntie looking for a great gift, you may want to consider a gift basket. It’s not very expensive and it is so special, adding to the festivities with its fancy gift basket setup.

It’s not just pretty either. This gift basket is full to the brim with cat goodies! It has so much cool and tasty stuff in it, it can be a good gift for an entire clan of cats sharing a home together, or a gift to a single cat that will last for weeks. The large container with the paw pattern printed on it comes packed with eight different kinds of top quality cat treats, as well as several cat toys – something for every cat’s taste.

Add your personalized message to this gift basket and have Amazon send it to your favorite cat. A great gift for a birthday, homecoming, new adoption, or for any other occasion in a cat’s nine lives!

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