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Zig-N-Zag Ball Cat Toy

Most cats adore playing with small balls, batting them from side to side with their paws. The ball’s movement is usually quite predictable, so depending on Kitty’s mood, a few bats later, she may start losing interest. The Zig-n-Zag ball brings us a different angle on ball games. Literally, a different angle:

This unique ball is structured in a way that makes it move and spin around in unpredictable ways. No batteries required – the ball’s own weight keeps it going after an initial bat, or throw. Be sure to keep this ball in your cat toys box and pull it out every few days for a refreshing session of quite an extraordinary ball game.

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The Panic Mouse Cat Toy

While most cats enjoy playing with passive toys, they almost always prefer an interactive game, where someone holds the toy and moves it around for them. These fishing rod type toys are fun for Kitty to play with and for her humans to watch. It was only a matter of time before someone got tired of moving the toy around for his/her cat and thus the Panic Mouse was born!

The idea is simple enough. A motorized toy with a solid base and a fishing rod arm with a fake “mouse” dangling at the end. The Panic Mouse boasts a patented computer board that creates that erratic jerking motion which seems to drive cats insane. You can even tweak its movement and adjust the speed to your cat’s abilities.

With this kind of toy, seeing is believing, so here are some funny Panic Mouse Movies:

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Cat Sitter DVD

Not all cats watch TV, but some cats certainly are fascinated with it. Especially with nature shows, featuring potential prey, like birds and mice. So, cat lover came up with a great concept of creating nature shows catering specifically for cats:

You can nowget a special deal on the three most popular DVD movies for cats – the famous cat sitter trio. Check it out here on Amazon.

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Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy

One of the many things we have to supply our feline companions with is suitable places at which they’re allowed and even encourage to practice surface scratching. If you fail to provide your cat with enough scratching spots, she will find some on her own, and it could very well be your favorite leather couch…

Finding the right scratching posts for your cat is the key for teaching her or him to stay away from your furniture. And when we talk about places where Kitty is allowed to scratch the rule is simple: the more, the better.

This is why the Turbo Scratcher is such a brilliant idea. Yes, it’s a cat toy, engaging your cat in well needed stimulation, but at the same time, your cat will naturally be encouraged to scratch the round rough circle in the middle. Stress-free and fun training for scratching the right place – what could be better? And you can get replacements for the corrugated cardboard in the center, as it gets worn down by constant use.

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