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This Summer, Get A Cat Planter For Your Garden!

I think I found the purrfect addition to your garden decor for this summer!

It’s a yellow planter with a floral pattern that’s shaped like a cat!


From paws to tail and smiling face, it’s just such a happy-looking cat, you can’t help but fall in love with this beautiful design! I love the attention to detail here, including the long whiskers and the “legs” of that famous”M” mark that all tabby cats carry on their forehead. The floral pattern is sweet too, with a retro touch emphasized by the choice of lemony yellow for the background.

Made of metal and built to last, this three-dimensional design is a sculpture in its own right, and not just a planter. Standing 17.5″ tall, it holds a 6″ diameter pot where you can grow flowers or herbs. If you want, you could keep it on a balcony in a city apartment, or even indoors, but you’d have to place a tray underneath these paws to deal with excess water coming out through the drainage holes in the bottom of the pot.

You can actually buy this on Amazon. There is some assembly required but nothing too difficult. Once it’s ready, you can just keep changing plants with the seasons, or keep a small perennial in the pot. Let’s see…. how about growing some organic catnip in it?

A cat-shaped diamond ring

Wow, this one really takes the cake. Even a wedding cake! I think this beautiful cat-themed gold and diamond ring could make the purrfect engagement ring, don’t you?

cat-diamond-ringI love just how delicate this design is. Made of 14 karat solid gold it manages to convey a classy sense of elegance yet with a whimsical touch too. Those cat ears there are almost like a secret message for other cat lovers, aren’t they? No need for a face, we know a cat by just about any trait, sweet cat ears included!

The ring has a small – yet absolutely real – 1.1mm white diamond set into it. It’s custom made and you can tell the artist’s dedication to felines. A gorgeous piece of jewelry for any cat lover that can stay in your family for generations to come.

Click to read more and order your custom-made cat gold ring on Amazon

Jim Shore Patriotic Cat Figurines!

Are you a cat figurine collection? If so, you know these names well: Enesco and Jim Shore.

With the 4th Of July around the corner, now’s a great time to order a patriotic addition to your collection! Here are three beautiful Jim Shore designs that show your love for cats AND for your country!

  1. Freedom Fur-Ever:


This design shows a cat proudly holding flag. It’s part of the Heartwood Creek collection by Jim Shore and is made from quality stone resin. It’s approx. 5.75 inches tall (15cm) and made by Enesco. Click to see it on Amazon and order your own.

2. Stars And Stripes Forever

saluting-cat-figurineThis rather plump kitty is holding a flag and saluting at the same time. It stands 6.5 inches tall and it’s an original Jim Shore figurine made by Enesco. Click to see it on Amazon and order.

3. A Jim Shore Patriotic Hanging Ornament

patriotic-cat-ornamentThis figurine is actually a hanging ornament. At just under 4 inches it’s smaller and is meant to be hung on your door or anywhere else in your house or car. If you really want to show off your love for cats and country, you could even wear it to the parade! Click to see it on Amazon and order.

All three figurines are classics. They are all part of the Heartwood Creek collection by Enesco and are made with great attention to detail. These collectibles will only rise in value over the years and can become wonderful family heirlooms. What a beautiful way to create a family heritage by passing on your pride in your country and your love for cats to future generations!

Sassy Cat-Themed Frame: Show Off Your Kitty!

Looking for a unique, personal and affordable gift for a cat lover? Or it could be for yourself too. Here’s a terrific idea! Print out a photo of your cat (or your friend’s cat – she probably has tons of them on her Facebook or Instagram accounts!) and place it in this elegant picture frame that tells the world out loud just how you feel about your Kitty!


This frame is literally pawesome by which I mean to say it is covered with paw marks. I love this elegant design in black on metal and I love the statement even more. What a great thing to have in your office or home!

If you have more than one cat, a collage made of several of these frames works really well. They’re very affordable at under $10 a piece. Each can hold 5 x 3.5 inches (13 x 9 cm) picture and its actual dimensions are 5.5 x 5.25 inches (14 x 13.25cm).

It’s a gift that takes some planning, as you have to print out the photo as well, but that means whoever gets it knows she or he has been in your thoughts. It shows you care about them and their cat. And of course, this could absolutely be a gift for yourself! You can even tell people your furkid made this for you 😉

Click to view this cool picture frame on Amazon and order yours

cat socks

Cat Crew Cotton Socks

Cats, cats everywhere! And why not on our paws, erm, I mean feet! As cat lovers we want to see those cute whiskered faces everywhere. I know I do. There’s something about the feline face that brings a smile to my own and in the case of these soft comfy socks, the feline faces are actually smiling underneath the whiskers so it’s a double win! Smiles and purrs, right on your feet!

cat socks

These socks come in an adorable gift package. There are four pairs of them, each in a different color combination so the lucky recipient – which could absolutely be yourself – can wear a different kitty each morning and have time to machine-wash the used ones. It’s a one-size fits most deal, so women with shoes size 5-10 or men with size 5.5.-7.5 will find them comfortable and easy to wear. Being 100% cotton, these socks are perfect for everyday use, soft, light and sweat-absorbent which is great to prevent unwanted foot odor.


Fun to wear with anything informal, though I can imagine even under a very formal suit they would be lots of fun. Can you imagine your banker pulling up the pants above his ankles to reveal a pair of funny cat socks? I would seriously sign any form he’d want me too if he’s wearing those! Like a secret handshake for cat lovers 😀

Check them out on Amazon and get a package for yourself and hey, maybe one for your banker as well 😉


“Sorry I can’t.. I Have Plans With My Cat” T-Shirt

I’ve found the perfect gift for the introvert cat lover!

Do you know that person who prefers to spend evenings at home, enjoying a movie or a good book? The one who couldn’t care less about going out to a party? Who prefers a takeaway or a delivery over spending time in a restaurant with other people? Hey, maybe that person is you?

If you’re tired from making excuses and turning down offers from friends and family, this fantastic cat-themed tee shirt could be for you!


It’s whimsical enough not to offend anyone and celebrates our true love in life: our kitties! After all, if you have a cat, you can’t really spend an evening alone at home, can you? Kitty will be a terrific partner for watching a movie or diving into a good book!

It’s a unisex fit with “baggin fit” sleeves (folded in this photo), so pretty awesome for relaxed everyday use or even as a nightshirt. Just look at that Kitty’s face… Wouldn’t you prefer to hang out with this sweetheart over any human out there? I think I would too!

Click to see more about this shirt on Amazon and buy one for a friend (or for yourself!)