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The Prettiest Black Cat Glass Pendant Necklace

Looking for a unique gift for a cat lover? Or for yourself (after all, you are a cat lover!)?

Consider this beautiful stylish pendant which comes with its own 22 inches long chain making this into an actual necklace. It’s handpainted and then sealed with jewelry resin to create the look of a glass dome. What’s important is that within there’s a sweet little black kitty, peeking ¬†out with a curious look on its tiny precious face. Check it out on Amazon.

Black Cat Glass Pendant

Talk about an attention grabber. Who can resist these round blue eyes? Wear this pendant only if you don’t mind people staring at the direction of your cleavage.

I love the overall design, the fact that it’s only showing half of the kitten’s face and the background has that old paper look to it. Add the color of the kitten and you’re getting a look that’s a lot more than “cute”. It’s perfect match for a gothic look but can also be worn to provide some contrast to a more cheerful outlook. After all, it is a kitten!

The reviewers on Amazon really loved this piece. They all say this pendant never fails to get noticed and generate some conversation. An awesome way to state your love for cats and in particular black cats whose mystique and cultural associations sometimes make them last in line for adoptions in shelters. Be a force for a positive change for these kitties and wear this piece of jewelry with pride or get it for a fellow black-cat-afficiando.

Read the reviews and order your own on Amazon


Ceramic Cat Measuring Cups

Cats make an awesome decorative motif, don’t they? I just love this beautiful set of four measuring cups with smiling feline face on them!

Ceramic Cat Measuring Cups

In a classic array of cream to dark gray, these sweet kitties will help you measure flour, sugar or any other ingredient in your kitchen. Not many cats will let you grab them by their tail, but these guys? They would just keep smiling and giving you a helping paw with cooking and baking!

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Elegant Black Laurel Burch Tote

Did you get a perfect gift that expressed and echoed your love for cats? You didn’t? Well, it’s time to fix that!

Here’s a wonderful tote bag which you can give yourself!

Laurel Burch Medium Tote

Black, white and some dashes of light colors make this a most elegant tote. It’s an original Laurel Burch design and made to last as a treasured useful item for any cat lovers. Including yourself.

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Cat Lovers Valentine’s Day Special

Valentines’s Day is almost here, but you still have time to get gifts for the special people in your life. And what’s better than a lovey dovey cat-themed gift? I’ll be reviewing a few gift ideas in this post, and don’t worry, there’s a Valentine’s gift for your True Love too – your cat!

Let’s start off with some chocolate:

This chocolate kitten is irresistible, isn’t it? Small and delicate in design, yet packed full of flavor, this gourmet chocolate shows a lot of thought behind the choice, as well as having an expensive taste. Literally. Click for more details or to order.

How about sticking to the sticky theme of candy, with no caloric remorse? I found just the thing for you – a super cute ceramic figurine of a candy colored cat, with candy for whiskers, in a distinctly Valentine’s Day design. What better say to say “I Love You?”

Another way to keep sugar levels down, would be to opt for this gourmet coffee gift basket, with five flavors of quality coffee and a pack of biscoti (I never said zero sugar!). Where’s the cat angle? It’s in the cat-themed mug and coasters that are part of this feline-themed gift basket:

Click here for more details or to buy

If you liked the design on that mug, how about adding a LOVEly apron with the same design. Purrfect as a gift in its own right, this is just the thing for Valentine’s, all hearts and loving kitties:

Click for more info on the apron and/or to buy on Amazon.

One more idea for the humans, before we get to the “gifts for cats” bit –

Of course, this goes best with a picture of your Valentine’s cat in there! Click to learn more about this frame and how to get it on Amazon.

And finally, the felines. I love the design of this can –

They have several flavors, each with a different color on the package. The price if for a package of 16 of those, making them ideal as gifts not only for your own cats, but for the loved cats of your loved ones. Click for more about these cans and how to get them.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, furry or not!



Black Cat Decor

Black cat lovers are going to love this one! I always felt black cats is a great theme for home decor – they’re elegant, as all cats are, and a touch of black can add a nice dramatic touch to your home decor.

Ok, so it’s a trash can, but it’s a great addition to any room decorated in feline themes. I like its colors as well, so if you need a touch of purple or black, this one is purrfect!


It’s also a great match for the cat wall clock from our previous post… Definitely similar art deco touches.

Click here to see this purple trash can with black cat print on Amazon.

The Wall Kat Clock

With the New Year upon us, you are probably full of thoughts about new year resolutions. Well, to make any of them happen, time management is imperative – and what better way to keep track of the time with a cat wall clock?



Yes, it’s the famous Wall Kat Clock. You either love it or hate it, and apparently most people choose the former, as this retro piece of time-telling gadgetry has been a top-seller for years on end, literally. It’s so retro, it reminds me more of an old Mickey Mouse cartoon, than a cat. Ooops, did I just mention the M word?

It definitely is an eye-catcher, even more so in real life than in this picture which is lacking this clock’s most prominent feature: movement. Imagine this one constantly moving its tail and eyes, and you can easily see why it has a presence that you simply cannot ignore. This one is bound to remind you of the time at any given moment.

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