Curious Cat Cube

When it comes to their environment, the two things cats love the most are towers and caves. Which is why the Curious Cube is going to be an instant hit in every household that has one cat, or more. It’s just the right height for a healthy cat to jump on to, and once up there, Kitty will find the ideal space where she or he can lie down and inspect their kingdom. I wouldn’t be surprised if a nap will be next on the agenda, assuming all is well in the kingdom, of cube

Then there’s the cave.

This cube offers an ideal space for a cat cave. Large enough to turn around inside but small enough to induce a sense of safety and shelter, or in other words, of  “caveness”. It has small windows, in addition to the main entry and exit opening. These windows are perfect for providing Kitty with the ability to see any threats as they may be approaching. And by threats I mean that other cat or dog.  Alternatively, they’re perfect for reaching out with a paw, trying to swat at the attached balls.

It’s a great unit for both fun and exercise and perfect for helping relieve the confinement stress of cats kept indoors-only (as they should be!) I also like the overall design and the neutral colors. This unit can easily fit in any living room without wreaking havoc on your interior design themes. It’s also collapsible, making it easy to set up but also to store away if you want to.

Check it out on Amazon and order your own unit.

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