Drontal for Cats

One of the advantages of keeping cats indoor-only is in limiting their exposure to fleas, and hence to the worms which fleas often infect their hosts with. However, even cats that are kept indoors can get infected, either during supervised outdoors time, or simply by the odd flea being carried indoors by a human.

Fortunately, treating worms is relatively easy now with effective drugs available over-the-counter. Drontal is probably the most popular anti-worm drug and you can even order it here on Amazon.

It’s a broad spectrum dewormer that is good for cats and kittens over one month old (as long as they weigh more than 1.5 lbs). Experienced cat owners can easily tell when their cat has a worm problem – with the worms or worm segments apparent in the feces and around the anus. If you’re not sure, do consult your vet and get professional guidance.

These tablets should be effective against tapeworms, roundworms and hookworms. Visit the product page on Amazon here.

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