Feliway Diffuser

Feliway Diffuser Feliway is one product that offers a revolutionary way of dealing with cat behavior issues. While it can’t replace proper behavior treatment, it certainly does aid cat owners in dealing with a variety of problems, ranging from multi-cat household problems, to cat carrier aversion and even spraying (where a cat sprays urine to mark territory).

Using an artificial version of natural feline pheromones to relieve anxiety, thisĀ  product helps put cats at ease. There is no odor or any other effect noticable for humans. What’s more, with the Feliway Diffuser, application is extremely easy, with gradual release over a period of four weeks.

Keep in mind that while many cat owners celebrate this product, and for good reason, it will not be as effective with every cat and with every behavior problem. Many problems, such as spraying, furniture scratching, aggression and others, require a thorough analysis and a proper treatment plan in which Feliway can only be one component.

Read more about Feliway, including some enthusiastic user reviews here on Amazon. If you need more help with cat behavior topics, check out the cat behavior articles section here on TheCatSite.com or post your question in the cat behavior forum.

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