Feliway Electric Diffuser – Three Pack Deal

Feliway is one of those wonder-products that have taken the cat market in a storm a couple of decades ago and are still going strong. No wonder, considering how effective this solution is.

In a nutshell, for those who aren’t familiar with Feliway, this is a synthetic replacement for the pheromones which are naturally secreted by feline scent glands. While humans can’t smell this, to cats it conveys a sense of familiariy and security.┬áThis makes Feliway an effective aid when dealing with issues of territorial spraying, multi-cat household stress and other stress-related issues.

In fact, many cat owners report great results with general stress-reduction in multi-cat households. Simply having an electric diffuser in central rooms in your home can make a very noticable difference. That’s where this three diffusers deal becomes so very attractive!

It’s important to note Feliway is almost never a solution in its own right. If you’re faced with a problem of urine marking, inappropriate elimination, feline aggression or any other behavioral issue, you need to carefully track down the cause of the problem. Ruling out health issues is the first step – so consult your vet. Next, figure out behavioral problems and change whatever it is that needs to be changed in your cat’s environement. Other behavioral techniques may be applied as necessary as well. Once you have everything else down, Feliway, in most cases, can be a wonderful and highly effective addition to your solution.

If you’re looking to solve actual cat behavior problems, please do take a look at the cat behavior section on TheCatSite.com. You’re more than likely to find a detailed guide relating to your topic. Still unsure? or looking for support? Our cat behavior forums offer a friendly and knowledgable environement, so do join and share your problem with other cat lovers.

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