Flensted Feline Cats Mobile

When I first laid eyes on the title of this post, I was wondering what kind of a phone they were talking about…

Yet this wonderful mobile has nothing electronic about it. It brings back the original meaning of the word mobile, and in the 21st century, I find that refreshing.

Yes, we’re talking about a home decor item, where sleek dark feline shadows dance in delicate circles along three colorful balls. This one is an original Flensted mobile, a collector’s item, handmade in Denmark by a company that’s been making mobiles for over fifty years.

Carefully balanced, this work of art is designed to be constantly moving, drawing the eye to its elegant cats and adding an element of streaming motion in the room. It’s distinctly NOT a baby’s mobile, perfect for a grown-up room decor where you want to bring forward your love for everything feline. What a great gift idea, original and all cat!

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