Fun With Your Cat Science Kit

Looking for a great gift for kids who love cats? Well, actually, I know many grownup cat lovers who are going to love this Kitty Kit… The name sounds a bit scary, I know my cats would have been intimidated by the prospects of combining cats, experiments and kids, but this one is perfectly cat-safe and as the manufacturer puts it “non-invasive”.

This happy looking package holds a multitude of components that allow users to make catnip toys, build special glasses to see the world the same way the cat does, and just information and suggestions for ways to observe and dechipher feline behavior.

This kit is marked for kids aged six and above, but young children should be accompanies while working with this kit. They may be able to understand the explanations, but their interaction with any cat should be supervised to prevent unpleasant events. While some cats may be accommodating subjects of “research”, other felines may feel uncomfortable even if just stared at for too long. This is where you need to step in as the responsible adult and make sure no stress is caused to the cat at any stage.

Other than that, this seems like a good way to promote better understanding between kids and cats, and to teach children about this fascinating animal which we all admire so much.

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