FURminator Deshedding Tool

Cat hair can pose a real challenge for both owners and the felines themselves. You see, the cat hair goes on more than your furniture (which can certainly be annoying enough!). It also gets swallowed by the cat, and can cause trouble, especially when longhair cats are concerned. Ingested fur often comes out in the form of hairballs – not fun when you find out about them barefoot in the middle of the night… In some cases,

especially with some longhair breeds during the shedding season, the cat’s intestines can get blocked, and veterinary care is required.

As always, prevention is the best cure. Regular brushing is the best way to safely de-shed your cat and prevent excessive hair from accumulating on the furniture, or in your cat’s stomach. And when it comes brushing and getting rid of that excess hair, nothing beats the FURminator deshedding brush!

Read all about the specs right here on Amazon and you’ll see what makes this the most popular grooming tool for cat and dog owners alike

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