Give Kitty Extra Leg Room In The Carrier!

Ok, so leg room is for us humans during long flights. In this case, it’s leg room, or tailroom or any other part of the cat’s body room πŸ˜‰

It’s simple an ingenious idea. Why settle for the size of a cat carrier? It can get crowded in there. Sure, sometimes you need all four solid walls for extra security, but at other times, you can turn this amazing carrier into “relaxed mode”, and open up one of the sides without putting your cat at any risk. That side is equipped with a mesh cover which turns it into a small tent. More room and a more airy feeling for the small passenger inside –


There are even more good reasons to invest in this elegant cat carrier. The designers really know cats and cat owner and thought about all the little things –

  1. It comes in several sizes, the largest of which isΒ 48cm x 30cm x 30cm.
  2. The mesh allows for great ventilation.
  3. You can carry it with its strong handle or using the shoulder strap.
  4. It has not one but two zipper doors, for ease of access.
  5. It has small side pockets where you can store things you need for the ride.
  6. It comes with a removable plush mat. Soft to lay on and easy to remove for cleaning.
  7. It’s easy to store, as it collapses to a flat storage mode.
  8. It’s very pretty!

This is a high-end cat carrier that gets great reviews on Amazon. It could be a perfect travel solution for your pampered cat! Check it out here.

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