Golden Maneki Neko

I love a spiritual touch to an office or a shop. A friend of mine actually made a little “shrine” in her beauty salon, where she lights candles and burns incense. It’s not a religious thing for her, just a nice way to start her day with some meditation and nice scents.

I just found the perfect addition to her little spiritual corner. And I think it will be purrfect in any cat lover’s home, office or shop. It’s a traditional Maneki Neko with a slot in its back. A takeoff on the piggy bank, this one is both feline, oriental and bound to bring a smile to your face.

In Japan, this is a typical ornament in shops, and is supposed to bring good luck and financial wealth into your life. To me, with its “smile” and raised hand, it has a welcoming appeal that I know would draw my attention to in any shop window.

Priced at well under $10 at Amazon, this original made-in-Japan Maneki Neko makes a great gift to yourself or to a friend – one that any cat loving business owner would love to have.

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